Sunday, December 31, 2006

For 2007.....

I would like:
to continue losing weight.
health for my family (yes I have someone particular in mind) but of course everyone. this really is #1 for me. but i'm too lazy to move this to the top.
happiness for my family.
to stop wasting time.
to be motivated.
to be recognized in some way (scrapping-related).
to be nicer.
to have more patience.
to travel. mendocino. london. name a few. there are many more places i want to go.
to have more time to create. i hate feeling like there is not enough time.
to not be tired.
to not feel sad.
for illness or death not to touch me. at least for a while. ok?
there's more. but alexander is now here helping. yeah. that's what he calls it.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A little music and some organization.

Is it wrong that I left James to tend to the boys (give them a bath) while I went online and figured out our wild Christmas spending? And then I cleaned off my scrap desk. All the while listening to my new Gwen Stefani cd on my ipod.

Organization. Sometimes I just need it. I crave it. I know it won't last long. But for the few brief minutes it is so nice. And I always say to myself, THIS time I will keep my space cleaner, put things away instead of just dumping/stacking them up until they fall. Not likely...really not likely. But there's always a chance.

Just got back from sledding.

James and Alexander are sleeping. Ethan is hanging with me. I should be cleaning. Undecorating the trees. Yeah. Um. Here I go. Ha. I'm feeling unmotivated.

I'm also hoping that my disapointments end with the close of 2006. Good things can (and should) happen. Right? I know you need to believe in yourself. Even if no one else does. I will try.

I guess if I'm going to undecorate the trees why bother cleaning first. Right? Right. Glad you agree. Now I have a valid excuse for not cleaning my house.

At least dinner is already made. Not so sure I want to weigh in on Wednesday. Will anyway. But I don't think I will have lost any more. Oh I know. I'll get my hair cut before Wed. That should do it. Those 2 ounces will make all the difference in the world. Who cares how it happens, I just want that scale to show some results.

Had enough of my nonsensical thinking? It's scary how my mind works. Seriously.

I really want some onion dip made with fat free sour cream (with carrots and celery to dip into it). I so need to buy groceries. Are grocery stores closing early tomorrow? Probably so. Guess if I want food I better go early. I'm hungry right now. And trying to not eat. Guess I should get up and do something to keep myself busy. I'm going. This time I really am.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I am not dead. Just busy!

All my family is now back in their respective homes. I spent the day returning/exchanging things and cleaning the sty. I'm not done. Far from it. It was so nice to have everyone here. I'm sad my mom is gone. James went back to work today. I'm sure he would have rather stayed home. But someone has to keep me in Starbucks. Right?

I'm using my NEW laptop. That James got me for Christmas. Yay. No more sharing the upstairs computer with the boys. Or James. I don't have any of my faves but James says he will export them for me soon.

Saturday down come the trees. All four of them. It will be nice to get our house back in order but it's also sad that this Christmas is coming to an end. It was great. Alexander was sick but he is finally getting better. Yay for that. Poor guy. He was miserable for several days.

I have yet to look at the pics taken over Christmas. I have no clue if any of them turned out. Now it's time to put the chillin's to bed. They are still recovering from a very very busy week.

Maybe sometime soon I will scrap. I did get some new Fontwerks, Purple Onion and Catslife Press stamps for Christmas I have yet to use. And I should.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yes people.

He IS grabbing my boob. Should I use this for our Christmas cards?

I am neurotic. Maybe I'm psychotic. Maybe I'm both.

Ever feel down and have no reason for feeling that way? It's not because of the holidays. I love Christmas. I love to see it through my kids' eyes. I love the magic. I love the whole big messy loud event. But I am feeling down. And I don't know why.

Totally husband gets me. Last night I was in a cleaning frenzy. I tend to do that when I feel like things are out of control. He saw me about to take the garbage out and said he would do it. But he didn't mean right then. He saw the look in my eyes. Stopped what he was doing and went and took the garbage out. He knows me like NO ONE else.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I think...

I think my scrapping style is very different. I love to use paint. I like it funky. I am so not your traditional or classic scrapper. And I like it that way. I couldn't change it even if I tried. I don't know how to do 'classic' scrapping. It's me. Scrapping to me is a creative outlet. It's a way for me to immerse myself, to forget everything else. If at least for a few minutes. And I love that. But I've also noticed my style is not the most popular. People like cleaner layouts than what I do. It's just something I've noticed. It's not something I'm particularly upset about. And it's not something that will make me change my style. It is...just something...I have noticed.

That being said, and not even really related (I just feel like posting a LO)'s a LO I did a couple of days ago. I like it. Even if no one else does. It was fun. I played, experimented and I love doing that. I realize not everything must be a masterpiece. And believe me, they're not. But this one I like. It's the color. It's the paint. It's the pic (I made it purple). It's all of it together. I think it just works. So even if no one else does...I do. And that's what matters.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

8 days until Christmas.

This is what we did tonight. A little family picture taking. The first pic is me and James in front of the tree in the living room. The second pic is the boys in front of the tree in the fam room. And believe me....we took hundreds of pics. Only a few of them came out. But some did. And for that I am glad. We even have some of all of us together!

Tonight I am finishhing the wrapping. Yes. I said finishing. Except for the few things that are still to be delivered. You see...we had a little crisis over the weekend. For weeks...and I mean WEEKS I have been asking E what he is going to ask for from Santa. And every day the answer was the same. A cherry picker. Same thing Alexander wants. Okay. Fine. Great. In fact, I've had two of them up in my closet for WEEKS. So what's wrong then, you ask? Well...took the boys to see Santa this weekend. And when Santa asked Ethan what he wants, his answer was NOT a cherry picker. Holy freakin crap. Did he just say, "Mario boy"?!! Yes. I am so fucking screwed. lol... SO...after we got home we got online. I mean seriously. Does anyone (aside from Ethan) even know what a Mario boy is???? So James took his best guess and found a Mario action figure online. Don'tcha just love expecited shipping? We also found a Mario Kart remote control well...kart...and for Alexander a Yoshi Kart. Again. Don'tcha just love expedited shipping? Well I do. Yeah. All except for the part of how much freaking more it costs.

But what are ya gonna do. The kid wants a Mario boy for Christmas. And I want absolutely every second my kids believe in Santa. So expedited shipping it will be.

My mom comes in five days. Her husband a week from today. My brother, his wife and their three boys the day after that. I have much to do. I even have some scrapping I must do. One more assignment and then I'm done for Dec. And I will take a break and just focus on fun.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

So many things to do and I'm doing none of them.

A bunch of scrapping deadlines.
Christmas shopping. STILL.
My SIL had surgery today. She's fine but I need to go see her tomorrow.
I'm in the classroom in the morning.
I need to wrap presents. AGAIN. (I've been wrapping as I go but have gotten behind).
Heh. There's a surprise.
Plan menu for while family is here for Christmas.
Shop for food for while family is here for Christmas.
Scrap. I must scrap. I really really must scrap.
Drink mocha. Yes. Definitely a must.
Oh yes. I'm also planning E's school Christmas party.
Bought the materials for the craft project for the party yesterday.
That's a whole nother story right there.
Lets just say I was gone for TWO hours and leave it at that.
Need to make the craft (dog biscuit ornament) so the kids have one to look at while making theirs.
Need to precut all the felt (holly leaves and dog ears).
Need to mail Will, Phoebe and Brian's presents. IF Will's ever gets here.
Need to clean my house. My mom arrives in a week.
Really need to clean my house. omg...
Need to figure out what to get my brother.
He's SO hard to buy for.
Need to get one or two more things for the boys.
Need to scrap. Or did I mention that already.
Now I'm getting off the computer. I'm going to do.........well..not sure what yet.
But something.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Down 19 pounds.

Weighed in today. I'm down 19 pounds. And it rocks.

My father is really a stranger.

He's my father. But ever since he cheated on my mom (and with her best friend)...all the while my mom was self-medicating with relationship with my father...well....lets just say we hug when we see each other (once or twice a year) but we don't have much to talk about. It's just strange. Damn strange. I just got done reading an email he sent (to a bunch of people of which I was one) saying (and in passing I might add) that he thought he had prostate cancer but in fact, does not. Just an...oh...btw kind of thing. WTH? I really do feel like we are strangers. the guy thinks he has cancer and just casually mentions in an email that no, he really doesn't?!

Made me realize I'm really not ready to hear that something really is wrong with my dad (even though our relationship is the way it is). He has no clue of my likes, my dislikes, how I feel about my childhood. He will never know. I don't even think he is interested. I don't even think if he was I would be fully able to vocalize everything in the right way.

But after all this time I have realized my father still holds power over me. Not exactly power. That's wrong. He still affects me. Even though we really don't know each other anymore. It's just so be strangers with someone so influential in your life.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas party last night, hang over today??

Nope. I learned my lesson last year. Plus I am still sick. But we went out last night anyway. It's been...I can't even remember how long since it was just James and I (no kids). Had a lot of fun with some friends. Food sucked. Band sucked. Dude. The ONE night I give myself permission to eat 'normal' amounts of food and not worry about how many points I was eating...and the food sucked!! lol.... But it was nice to be out.

Did have a new delish shot called a copper camel. It's butterscotch something and something else. Yeah...I have NO clue what's in it but I do know Mike will make me one any time I want. He likes to see people drunk. Women in particular.

I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I think I'll lay down this afternoon while Alexander is resting and I'll cuddle with Ethan. Maybe we'll both fall asleep. James is at work.

Here's what I intend to do. I've already unloaded the dishwasher, done two loads of laundry, made lunch, emptied many garbage cans, done some I'm going to leave the rest. I'm going to give myself 30 minutes....MAYBE even an hour (depending on the children, of course), to scrap. I have something new I want to try. I think if I was able to just sit down and create a page from beginning to end without stopping a zillion million times I would pass out. Seriously.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Never...I repeat NEVER..........

Never....I repeat NEVER go on a field trip with your oldest and leave your youngest home with his daddy. When you come home all of his beautiful blonde locks will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay...yes. He needed a hair cut. But da-um. It's taking some getting used to. So much hair is gone.

Totally unrelated to my traumatic day of coming home to an unrecognizable child, here's a LO I did yesterday. Yes. I scrapped. Don't pass out. Okay...because I'm soooo freaking stupid, I can't get the LO to post on the bottom. ~sigh~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am such a sucker.

We let the boys each pick out a tree for their rooms. All on their own they went and came dragging back what they thought to be THE BEST trees in the world.

LOVE this picture of Alexander. Love it. Look at his face...the wonder. Now tell me that wasn't worth having to go out three times (first time the boys have each had a tree in their rooms) so of course we needed two more stands. Then we needed more lights. Then we get the idea. Anyway, it was so worth it. The boys decorated their trees all on their own. SO freaking adorable to watch them. Ethan was very excited. Alexander didn't care at all until he saw how much fun Ethan was having. Then he really got into it. I wish I would have thought to take a pic of E by his tree with all the lights out in his room except for the ones on the tree. Guess I can still do it. I should.

We are such suckers. Our little trees cost us much???? Not even going to find out. I'm just going to enjoy the looks on their faces and remember the fun they had decorating their own trees.

Alexander was just SO proud of how he put all the green ball ornaments all right next to each other on ONE limb. lol.. Poor limb is probably gonna droop all the way to the floor before Santa gets here! This is something I definitely want to remember.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can you see me? Or am I invisible.

I am not invisible.
Even though I often feel like it.
Staying home with my children IS an important job.
Even though it RARELY feels like it.
One day something worth it will happen to me.
I just need to be patient.
These are things I tell myself.

Two recent LOs.

The top one is Alexander. He's just a couple of months old there. Some fab 7 Gs pp, some delish Hambly, paint, masking tape, staples...

The second is also Alexander and it was fun to do. I sanded the hell out of the pic (to make Alexander pop) and to blend the background. Put some Gin-X expressions right on the pic and then sanded them almost all the way off. I like the affect. More 7 Gs pp. A vintage button, masking tape, acrylic gel medium, ink and of course...paint. Ha. These were two of my LOs for SG for Dec. I seem to be on a masking tape craze of late.

Tonight you will find me by the fire, wrapping presents. Also scrapping. I started a page earlier today while my sick boys were sleeping. It felt good to sit at my desk. To focus on something I enjoy (even it it was only for 10 minutes). I vow to use no masking tape on this LO.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I love the peace of late night.

I love to sit in the family room by the fire, look at the tree and wrap presents. We made a big change in our house this year. A fake tree. ~GASP~ Yup. I said fake tree. A first for me. I'm not wild about it. I just don't think I'm a fake tree kind of girl. It doesn't 'smell' like Christmas. But each year we struggle with the feeling guilty about killing a tree thing. I mean, really, what's the point...right? We cut down this big tree that's been growing for YEARS, drag it home and into the house and then decorate it. It's sort of an odd tradition when you really think about it. And after Christmas is over, we undecorate the tree, drag it out of the house only for it to be turned into mulch. Poor tree.

We put up two trees each year. One in the fam room and one in the living room. Well James didn't want me to go cold turkey so we went and got our second tree this weekend. Just took the boys to a lot (no mountaineering/hiking expedition for us this year). James is sick. The boys are sick. Soon I fear I shall be sick too. Anyway...the 'lot' tree as it shall now be deemed....SO SO SO SO wonderful. Smells SO good. Now I feel like it's Christmas. I try to 'forget' it got chopped down just so I could enjoy its smell. Poor tree. lol...

I really do love the peace of late night. Everyone is in bed asleep (except for me, Callie and Oliver) of course. Wherever I go they go. I'm thinking I might scrap tonight. I have some things to do...many things in fact...and haven't scrapped for least a week. So maybe I'll scrap tonight although four more boxes of goodness were delivered today all of which need to be wrapped and put under the big tree in the living room. I decided this year to wrap as I buy. I am SO diggin' it. But I'll have to decide tonight. It's an either/or kind of deal. There's quite a few things that need to be wrapped. There's also a large part of me being drawn to my space to scrap.....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My latest mini book.

This is my latest mini book (for the Dec SG newsletter). Lots of fabric, fabric trim, tulle, ribbon, Bazzill, staples, paint and some Hambly. And I must give a shout out to my friend Jen for giving me the inspo for this book. This is what I did after looking at your "book o' inspiration". I played. Picked out some things I like and put 'em together. It's a 7 G's wire-o album totally covered in goodness.

Naked baby fresh from the bath
Running downstairs to come and play with momma
Tickles, laughter and love.
Alexander and me.

The pics really don't give the full affect. It's much richer, brighter and the colors aren't exactly true here....not sure why.... If you want to see the bigger version click here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well lets see....

Nothing like having to spend an unexpected $1,600 dollars. First....big tv stops working. And's only TWO years old. BARELY two years old. James calls the tv repair man. SO not my department. Guy comes out (the Monday before Thanksgiving) believe that? And he came at like 6:30. The dude tells me he needs to take my tv. WTF???!!! No big-ass tv???? Well what am I gonna do at night? Huh?! to my husband? Play with my kids??????? Yeah...uh.....hmmmmmmmmm. Scrap??? So the dude says he may have it back by the Wed before Thanksgiving. Well lets I have my tv back yet? Uh.........................NO. It's been 9 freaking days. And get's going to cost $550 to fix it. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow afternoon......THANK GOD......I mean really.....I don't watch that much tv....but isn't it a little barbaric to have NO tv???? We took the smaller one out of our bedroom and put it in the fam room....heh. Can you say binoculars??!! Seriously...can't even freaking see it. I'll admit I was pretty stunned when James brought that big ass tv home...but dude.....I LOVE it. Shhhh...don't tell James. I'll never hear the end of it. bank account is getting hit big time. The tv...and......

My car. Explorer started doing weird shit when I tried putting it into park. And my driver side window stopped going up and down. And then the passenger side front window started doing weird shit. And's only three years old. So James (again...not my dept)...calls to make an appt to have it looked at. $1,100 and three days later....holy f'in shit....I got my car back tonight. Seriously....people...I cannot handle too many things out of order in my life at one time. Not the tv AND my car. I've been driving James' big ass truck around...which the boys Uh...not so much. It's bigger than my car. And harder to park. So I'll be happy to get into my very own ride in the a.m. to take E to school.

I'll be happy to get my big ass tv back too. Life as I know it will be restored.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

There's this chick....

Hmmmm...these posted a little freaky. No clue why. I suck at computers. That's why. Anyway....there's this chick. She rocks. Yeah. You know who you are. I once saw this absolutely freaking fantastic LO. It was done on an overlay. Yes Jen. Miss jensmack. That LO rocked my world and still does. So so so freaking awesome. So I decided to use that LO as inspiration for my monthly challenge at SG. My challenge was to use anything other than pp or cs as the base of a LO. And I did mine using some delish Hambly. Not sure if I dig it. The pic makes it look a little funky (bad funky not cool to be confused). The wall behind the LO is really a way cool yellow color (took the pic in Alexander's room). ONLY place I could find decent lighting. Anyway...back to the story. I have had NO scrappy mojo (until this afternoon) when something came at me out of the blue and I felt inspired. But of course my challenge LO was already done so there was basically NO mojo happenin' when I did it. But the sudden charge of inspo??? THAT was nice. Got a LO done in like 1/2 hour this afternoon. And yo. For me that's FAST. do rock my world and I want to thank you for the inspo. I know there is much more inspo to come my way from you. In fact, you were the inspo for my latest mini book (which I'll post later). It's for the Dec SG newsletter and can't post until the newsletter comes out.

The second first I thought wow. This sucks. But the more I look at it the more I like it. It's not my 'usual' style. I mean, come on....there's no paint. But it's cool. It's edgy. And I like it. What's not to love. There's a skull and crossbones. How cool is that?! And yes, I just said my very own work is cool and edgy. It's a little funkay. Hey. I can say those things. This is MY blog. lol... And anyway..someone's gotta say it. :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I'm off to shop online and get many many things. Some my mom asked me to get for her (Christmas presents) and some Christmas presents of my own for some of the people I love. I have much Christmas shopping to do!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, it's official.

Thanksgiving is here. I just made a pumpkin pie. And later tonight I'll be sipping a hot hot hot decaf peppermint mocha my FAB hubby went and got for me. YUM. I skipped dinner JUST so I could have my mocha!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just wanted to say....

Happy birthday Alexander. Three years ago today you were born. You were born at 10:11 am so by this time you were already 12 hours old. Look at that tiny tiny baby. Look at how big you are now. The pic on the right was taken at Ethan's school Halloween party. Because I'm Ethan's class mom you got to go hang at the party. You want to go to school so badly. You want to do everything your big brother does. You got a ghost painted on your face, decorated your own cookie.....I just can't believe you are three. You are growing up way too fast. You are not a baby anymore. You are so big, so independent. SO independent. Look at you wearing 'mine' Mickey hat as you call it. So cute. You wear that hat almost every day. The hat YOU picked out at Disneyland when we went in April. I'm sad and happy that you are three. I can't wait to see what great things are in store for you in life. But I miss my 'baby'. Now you're into playing more and want less cuddle time. Or you only want to cuddle if you're tired or scared. I know it must happen. But quite honestly, I am not ready.

I want you to know how much I love you. What an important day this is to me. November 18th. What an exciting time it was for your daddy and me. It's partly my story too. Something you and I share. The day you were born.

Now I must finish my preparations for your party. We are going to celebrate you. It was such a happy day the day you were born.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Woot for me!

No...nothing scrappy to report.

But I did get on the scale this morning. I have lost 6....count them....SIX pounds since I started my adventure two weeks ago. If I can only keep it up. I was so freakin' happy when I got on the scale today and I actually LOST weight. Um....hello.............concept!!!!! All I can say is nobody better fuck with my coveted snack size M & Ms. It's the only way I can do this. And it's a damn good thing I can have Starbucks. I will forego actual food for a hot decaf mocha (maybe even a peppermint mocha) any day. Is it bad that my kids can name almost every coffee drink Starbucks makes?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yes yes yes I need to update my blog...

I know I need to update. And I will. But I just spent an enormous amount of time on a project (part of why I haven't posted for several days) and it turned out to be a complete waste of my time. Sometimes it just feels like I get nothing done. HATE that. Oh so very much. And now I somehow screwed up the camera. Unless I can get James to look at it in the morning before he goes to work I am screwed! .....sigh.... Off for a late night treat and then to bed. Did I mention it's freaking cold here??? My little hands are so cold I can barely type.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I am fucking going to outsmart Blogger if it kills me.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I did it. Take that asshole. Sorry....(I'm sayin' that in my best Denis Leary). I'm posting this mini book I did for the Nov SG newsletter. Blogger NEVER and I repeat NEVER lets me post more than 6 pics on any given day. But this time......HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. My mini book has 10 pages. So I did the last five in a second post (check it out below). And the first 5 pages right here. Blogger, I just kicked your ass. And yes, I am very proud.

I am fucking going to outsmart Blogger Part 2

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.

Well here they are. Ethan the scary ghost. And Alexander...well...NO ONE got his costume. He's Luigi people!!!!!!! Has no one ever heard of Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario and Luigi (and Luigi's Mansion)??? Sheesh. These are actual pics of them trick or treating. And dudes...Alexander looks JUST like Luigi. I'm pretty proud of that one. lol. It was super easy. James made the vacuum that's on his back. This costume rocks. And E...he got quite a few comments...not a lot of ghosts on Halloween he was excited about that. I freaking LOVE the mustache on Zan's face. What a freakin' crack up!!!! The boys had a lot of fun. Ethan was difficult at shocker there. Alexander did so well!! SO much better than last year when they were both sick and Ethan got the crap scared out of him at some guy's house. His house was all decked out with too many loud scary things for someone so young. But this year was good. Went out with Kathryn, Mike, Ash and Em and of course the four of us. It was fun. Then back to Kathryn's for dinner. Let the kids run around a while, wear off that sugar high.

The funniest part of the each house the peeps would say, and who are you (to Alexander). No one of course understanding he was Luigi. So James started making up things..oh, he's the pizza guy. Oh, he's a plumber. It just got more outrageous as we went along. Too freakin' funny. You know why he was Luigi???? When Alexander found out Ethan was going to be a ghost he said he wanted to be Luigi so he could 'suck 'em up'. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. That kid is a riot. If you've never seen the game (Luigi's Mansion)...well...then forget it. lol... But it's funny. Trust me.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am...'s what I have to say.

I am tired.
I am tired of being tired.
I refuse to go to bed.
I found myself breaking down in tears today (and yesterday) for absolutely no f'in reason.
I'm still down about some scrapping stuff.... ~sigh~
I want my laptop to be fixed. NOW.
I need to stop eating so much crap.
I need to have more patience with my children (especially E).
I should be scrapping. But I'm not.
I know James needs to go to Austin. But I don't want him to.
I need a break from my kids. I feel bad even typing that. But it's true.

Here are three LOs I did last weekend for SG.

I love this one. Hey....maybe no one else I do. It was for a challenge. A fill in the blank challenge. It was: Every day I ______ and I whipped out this fab boquet of flowers which was SO freaking awesome to do....I LOVE to paint....and at the very bottom it says: Every day I say I will work in my art journal. Today I did.

This is little Zanzie (who will be three next month...I can't even believe that). Here he's just a few months old. This is a fully 100% lift of Emily Falconbridge. I *heart* her.

Just a really quick and fun one. The challenge was to use something that had to dry. Gee...what do you think I used???!! lol.... Could it be paint??? Um.........DOH. lol... The yellow on the LO is paint. No clue why this scanned so freaky.

Oh....and yo.....if there are still two of this exact same post...Blogger is fucking with me. It posted my entry twice ALL ON ITS OWN. I freaking swear. rolling eyes and shaking head. I tried to fix it....uh.....yeah....that didn't work. And now I'm tired of fucking with it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We've had a poor, poor laptop....

I have just been so busy lately. And my laptop died. That was my connection to the outside world. Now I have to share the computer upstairs with the boys. That is a struggle. Hopefully I will get my laptop fixed...some day....we've had a tragedy....I'm grieving. Poor, poor laptop. Poor, poor me. My kids are computer hogs.

I've been a little down about scrapping stuff. Made me take a step back...I'm still feelin' a little down....but will get over it.

Oliver had surgery. That was a surprise. Poor dog. He is the ONLY dog that I know of who doesn't like a puppy ride. And he knew something was up when I locked the laundry room door so he couldn't get out his doggy door. Poor guy. He hates his harness. And now (two days later), he still doesn't trust me when I come near him. He thinks I'm gonna rope him in and put him back in the Explorer. Makes me feel bad. But we had to find out if the lump on his leg was a bad one...whether it was cancer...turns out it wasn't!! YAY for that. But it did have to be removed because it was going to interfere with his walking (it was right near the joint at the top of his left front leg). He's got stitches and was shaved in five places. All for IVs, anesthesia, oh and he had to have his ears cleaned (I knew he had ear infections I had been cleaning his ears off and on for two weeks, just couldn't get rid of the yuck). So that's my excitement. That's my life. Woot woot. NOT. lol...

I have some new pages...and I should load them up right now while I have the computer to myself....but I have a couple other things I need to get done before I go to bed. You can tell I'm feeling pretty blah...

Oh, one thing I do know..and am trying to work on...when scrapping I need to trust my insticts, think less and just do it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm single and free..uh....except for the part where I have the

Here's a LO I did for a challenge (to use stamps) at SG. Wish I could just crank 'em out one after the other. Sometimes they just flow. Other times...uh....not so much. lol... This one happened pretty quickly. Love that. I'm currently stuck on a LO I'm working on. Had something specific in mind but it's just not all coming together. I have put it aside for a while.

James left on Sunday. He'll be back in a week. He's at a class. The boys miss him. Is it good parenting to console the boys with ice cream for dinner? lol... I thought it was. They each picked out their very own 1/2 gal and after our real made chicken tacos....I scooped 'em up some ice cream in a cone and they were happy.

It is freaking cold here today!! Like I think its gonna snow cold. May have to turn on the freaking heater! Or the fire place! Last week shorts. This week...freakin' parka! And's a tie which word I use most. Freakin' or......dude. That's a tough one.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why is it creativity comes to me...

in the middle of the freakin' night!! After I scrap at night I'm generally pretty wound up. So sometimes I watch a little television before I go to bed. Even after doing that, once I get in bed, my minds starts churning, thinking about what this page idea for that page...ideas for various things. Why...WHY doesn't that creativity come to me when I'm actually sitting and scrapping???!!!

Here's something recent I did. Have I mentioned how very much I LOVE Hambly??? Well....I do.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I love making mini books.

I do. They are so fun. Here's one I did for the Oct newsletter for SG. And get this....I did it in ONE NIGHT. That is huge people. I take for freakin ever to do a page. Seriously. Oh...and..uh...note to self. Mini books are not the best choice for a newsletter. Hard to fit all the pages in. Doh.

BLOGGER WILL NOT LET ME POST THE REST OF THE PAGES. WTH?! No clue what the f'in prob is. I'll try to post the rest tomorrow. Oh and also keep in mind that since these pics were taken I got my hair cut. WOOOT!

Um, yeah. I have them.
And lots of 'em.
But I'm lucky. He sees more than that.
He sees beauty, laughter and love.
After 15 years of being together, this is us.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Be wild free style (The Boogie That B)........

Think Black Eyed Peas here.
Loving my iPod.
Hating my sore throat.
Hating that my kids are both sick (day 2).
Hating that James worked 24 hours straight.
Loving the cooler weather and rain last night.
Loving SEI pp. Blackberry. I'm feelin' it.
Loving Black Eyed Peas: shut up. Sums up my mood today.
Must get out of this whatever mood I'm in.
Laptop battery is about to die. Again.
I'll publish before it does.
Scrapping tonight.
Hoping for some goodness there.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My day so far.

Woke up this morning to two sick kids.
Woke up this morning to a not rested puffy-eyed James.
James is now at work.
Um...did I mention it's Sunday?
He's not supposed to be at work.
I'm starting to come down with something. Again.
We've been plagued by illness since E started school.
It just won't stop.
I'm on the edge.
Want...NEED to create.
No time.
Always rushed.
Always just fitting things in.
Did get an uninterruped shower.
Boys were playing nicely together.
It happens.
From time to time.
Battery is now dead in my laptop.
Sure wish it wasn't.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Next day's hair....not so good.

I always leave the salon feelin' good. After all, someone who knows what they are doing has just done my hair for me. So this morning, I took a shower, got ready to go to E's soccer hair freaked out. It's in shock. And really so was I...over how sucky it looked this morning. It wouldn't do anything. Felt like I was dressin' up for Halloween just a bit early! Another couple days of 'training' my hair again and it'll all be good because really I do like the cut. Until then...hmmm...a hat. Yes. Definitely.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Hair cut...finally!

Got my hair cut this morning after I dropped E off at school. Took Alexander. He was SO good. He played with blocks, colored...played with his crane. What a good little boy he was!!! I feel so much better now. My hair was way too long! Now it's choppie (a little flippy) and right above my shoulders. Much better.

Bought some new bras (and matching undies). Um....yeah. That's how exciting my life is. But I do feel better when I wear something ( know...something my grandma WOULDN'T wear) under my shorts and tee's.

Haven't scrapped in four days!!!! Yikes. I should. I will.

Loving E's excitement about school and hearing all about his day when I pick him up. Loving spending more one-on-one time with Alexander. Hardest part of second kid...if you ask me....finding the time for that one-on-one. So I'm soaking up every minute of this time...when E is in kindergarten and gone for the morning...and Alexander and I can just do things together. Then I look forward to picking E up...hearing about everything that happened at school...

Soccer practice later aka I take Alexander to the park and James watches soccer practice. lol... Alexander and his love of the park. Oh, and that kid is going to have the longest blonde locks ever. He refused a hair cut today when we were at the salon. lol.... That's okay...I secretly like it.

P.S. Mini albums are addicting. That's my new thing. My fave things are the file folder mini album I did and the one I just did for the Oct SG newsletter.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump me's Wednesday.

Had a good day...though not productive. Took E to school then Alexander and I went to Mervyn's. Looking for the rest of E's school/winter clothes. Found.....NOTHING. A big fat ZERO. Nada. Zip. Zipola. You get the idea. Tomorrow perhaps we'll find our way to Kohl's. Don't really like shopping though. Did finish going through the boxes so I know exactly what Alexander has. I need five more pairs of pants for E...that should do it. Though...if I find something absolutely outrageous I might just have to get that too. My fave of his pants are his camo pants. LOVE those. When he wears 'em he just up! So different from the little boy who ran around here all summer.

Did really enjoy spending some one-on-one time with Alexander today. He's talking up a storm...I mean he's been talking for a long time now. But he's using really long sentences and we have actual conversations. It's the best. He's soooo freaking adorable. And yes..he's of course I would say that....but really...honestly...he is. The most adorable loving sweet little boy on the planet. I can say that because E isn't little anymore. lol... He's big. Oh...and don't get me wrong. Of course Alexander can be difficult...he actually has been on and off for the last couple of days....but even so...he's still the cutest little boy on the planet!

Ever wish your day could end differently...and just feel like you have no control over how it plays out? I reallly wish I could take the stress away from James.....make him happy.....not feel like he just spent his entire day at work and then came home to feel like he has loads more work to do. He's currently upstairs cleaning out the fish tank. Um....I don't really think he's having fun.

Talked to E's teacher really quick today when I picked him up. She said he's doing beautifully. Thank god. lol.... I told him I'm proud of him. He got a star. He also got a new little Lightening McQueen car. He sleeps with it. He can be the most adorable boy ever.

Had something else to say...but sheesh...who can remember what. I should be helping with the fish tank I guess....blech....hate those fish...said the animal lover.....but fish really aren't animals, now are they?! lol.... I'll never forget...shoot...what's her name.....Oh. Raylene. She gave those fish to long ago. Yeah...uh...thanks. A lot. Barf.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The other night at dinner, we were having salmon...out of the blue Ethan asks, "Do the salmon have to be dead.." then he saw the look on my face and stopped talking. So...yes, we had the fish has to be dead before we eat it conversation. I knew we would have this conversation one day....just really wasn't fully prepared for it. We still have a bigger one coming. You see, I don't eat red meat. So the boys don't either. And I've been saying when E is old enough and can understand what really happens...that he can decide for himself. So...uh...guess that time is near. That is really not a conversation I want to have. But I will.

Things are really changing around here. We're finally getting into a good morning groove to get E to school. Just requires that I get up earlier....BLECH I just start everything earlier so we aren't rushed. When we're all ready I take the boys to school and they play on the playground until the bell. When the bell rings, Alexander knows it's time to go. And we haven't even had to to the park....which we did every day for the first two weeks....omg.....that was too much time at the it's all good now! Alexander seems to be adjusting to having Ethan gone and they play together nicely at least until it's time for Alexander's rest. Yay for me. lol...

Also had another kind of sad conversation with Ethan last night. When I tucked him in he told me he doesn't think Christian likes him anymore. This is the little friend he's had for the last couple of years. They play our his house....they proclaimed themselves to be best friends. And then school started. lol... They are in the same class but find themselves spending time with different friends. So E was upset and thought Christian didn't like him anymore. I explained to him that like him, Christian has just discovered new friends...that he and Christian are still friends...but it was sad. I don't like for my kids to feel any way...and yes, I know there is much more to come Ethan's way....but wow.

So anyway....we're off to go to Christian's birthday party/pizza thing. Yes...Ethan and Christian are still friends.....I just wonder what new and interesting things Ethan will do or say tomorrow!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My first altered project....sort of.....

I had three pics. But I didn't want to cram them all onto one page and I suck at two page spreads. I mean...I can do them...they just take fooooooorever. And I didn't have that much time. Had to get something done for SG. So I decided to make a mini album using a file folder. It's a very mini album. lol... (three pages) Anyway, it was fun to do.

Where the Wild Things Are

1. Climb up onto the couch together.
2. Giggle and laugh.
3. Jump and make your mommy crazy!

Then the last page (which is actually the file folder itself) says:
The wild things live here.

OKAY....for whatever reason Blogger isn't letting me upload any more pics! Only thing missing is the folder open (so you're not really missing much but it adds to the overall affect I think) WTH???!!!! won't let me put the text above the pics!!! I need the I'm pissed off emoticon!