Thursday, December 14, 2006

So many things to do and I'm doing none of them.

A bunch of scrapping deadlines.
Christmas shopping. STILL.
My SIL had surgery today. She's fine but I need to go see her tomorrow.
I'm in the classroom in the morning.
I need to wrap presents. AGAIN. (I've been wrapping as I go but have gotten behind).
Heh. There's a surprise.
Plan menu for while family is here for Christmas.
Shop for food for while family is here for Christmas.
Scrap. I must scrap. I really really must scrap.
Drink mocha. Yes. Definitely a must.
Oh yes. I'm also planning E's school Christmas party.
Bought the materials for the craft project for the party yesterday.
That's a whole nother story right there.
Lets just say I was gone for TWO hours and leave it at that.
Need to make the craft (dog biscuit ornament) so the kids have one to look at while making theirs.
Need to precut all the felt (holly leaves and dog ears).
Need to mail Will, Phoebe and Brian's presents. IF Will's ever gets here.
Need to clean my house. My mom arrives in a week.
Really need to clean my house. omg...
Need to figure out what to get my brother.
He's SO hard to buy for.
Need to get one or two more things for the boys.
Need to scrap. Or did I mention that already.
Now I'm getting off the computer. I'm going to do.........well..not sure what yet.
But something.

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