Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am such a sucker.

We let the boys each pick out a tree for their rooms. All on their own they went and came dragging back what they thought to be THE BEST trees in the world.

LOVE this picture of Alexander. Love it. Look at his face...the wonder. Now tell me that wasn't worth having to go out three times (first time the boys have each had a tree in their rooms) so of course we needed two more stands. Then we needed more lights. Then we get the idea. Anyway, it was so worth it. The boys decorated their trees all on their own. SO freaking adorable to watch them. Ethan was very excited. Alexander didn't care at all until he saw how much fun Ethan was having. Then he really got into it. I wish I would have thought to take a pic of E by his tree with all the lights out in his room except for the ones on the tree. Guess I can still do it. I should.

We are such suckers. Our little trees cost us much???? Not even going to find out. I'm just going to enjoy the looks on their faces and remember the fun they had decorating their own trees.

Alexander was just SO proud of how he put all the green ball ornaments all right next to each other on ONE limb. lol.. Poor limb is probably gonna droop all the way to the floor before Santa gets here! This is something I definitely want to remember.

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Stephanie said...

Awesome! I am so afraid to have a tree this year. Afraid of the carnage. That picture is priceless. Can't wait to see what amazing thing you do with it!