Monday, October 02, 2006

Be wild free style (The Boogie That B)........

Think Black Eyed Peas here.
Loving my iPod.
Hating my sore throat.
Hating that my kids are both sick (day 2).
Hating that James worked 24 hours straight.
Loving the cooler weather and rain last night.
Loving SEI pp. Blackberry. I'm feelin' it.
Loving Black Eyed Peas: shut up. Sums up my mood today.
Must get out of this whatever mood I'm in.
Laptop battery is about to die. Again.
I'll publish before it does.
Scrapping tonight.
Hoping for some goodness there.


smkh1117 said...

Sorry that you have a sore throat. I get them bad when I get sick. Hope you feel better soon!

JenSmack said...

Oh crap... I hope you're feeling better! Darn school - kids bring home all the germs! Usually they (the germs) head right for ME.