Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am...'s what I have to say.

I am tired.
I am tired of being tired.
I refuse to go to bed.
I found myself breaking down in tears today (and yesterday) for absolutely no f'in reason.
I'm still down about some scrapping stuff.... ~sigh~
I want my laptop to be fixed. NOW.
I need to stop eating so much crap.
I need to have more patience with my children (especially E).
I should be scrapping. But I'm not.
I know James needs to go to Austin. But I don't want him to.
I need a break from my kids. I feel bad even typing that. But it's true.

Here are three LOs I did last weekend for SG.

I love this one. Hey....maybe no one else I do. It was for a challenge. A fill in the blank challenge. It was: Every day I ______ and I whipped out this fab boquet of flowers which was SO freaking awesome to do....I LOVE to paint....and at the very bottom it says: Every day I say I will work in my art journal. Today I did.

This is little Zanzie (who will be three next month...I can't even believe that). Here he's just a few months old. This is a fully 100% lift of Emily Falconbridge. I *heart* her.

Just a really quick and fun one. The challenge was to use something that had to dry. Gee...what do you think I used???!! lol.... Could it be paint??? Um.........DOH. lol... The yellow on the LO is paint. No clue why this scanned so freaky.

Oh....and yo.....if there are still two of this exact same post...Blogger is fucking with me. It posted my entry twice ALL ON ITS OWN. I freaking swear. rolling eyes and shaking head. I tried to fix it....uh.....yeah....that didn't work. And now I'm tired of fucking with it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We've had a poor, poor laptop....

I have just been so busy lately. And my laptop died. That was my connection to the outside world. Now I have to share the computer upstairs with the boys. That is a struggle. Hopefully I will get my laptop fixed...some day....we've had a tragedy....I'm grieving. Poor, poor laptop. Poor, poor me. My kids are computer hogs.

I've been a little down about scrapping stuff. Made me take a step back...I'm still feelin' a little down....but will get over it.

Oliver had surgery. That was a surprise. Poor dog. He is the ONLY dog that I know of who doesn't like a puppy ride. And he knew something was up when I locked the laundry room door so he couldn't get out his doggy door. Poor guy. He hates his harness. And now (two days later), he still doesn't trust me when I come near him. He thinks I'm gonna rope him in and put him back in the Explorer. Makes me feel bad. But we had to find out if the lump on his leg was a bad one...whether it was cancer...turns out it wasn't!! YAY for that. But it did have to be removed because it was going to interfere with his walking (it was right near the joint at the top of his left front leg). He's got stitches and was shaved in five places. All for IVs, anesthesia, oh and he had to have his ears cleaned (I knew he had ear infections I had been cleaning his ears off and on for two weeks, just couldn't get rid of the yuck). So that's my excitement. That's my life. Woot woot. NOT. lol...

I have some new pages...and I should load them up right now while I have the computer to myself....but I have a couple other things I need to get done before I go to bed. You can tell I'm feeling pretty blah...

Oh, one thing I do know..and am trying to work on...when scrapping I need to trust my insticts, think less and just do it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm single and free..uh....except for the part where I have the

Here's a LO I did for a challenge (to use stamps) at SG. Wish I could just crank 'em out one after the other. Sometimes they just flow. Other times...uh....not so much. lol... This one happened pretty quickly. Love that. I'm currently stuck on a LO I'm working on. Had something specific in mind but it's just not all coming together. I have put it aside for a while.

James left on Sunday. He'll be back in a week. He's at a class. The boys miss him. Is it good parenting to console the boys with ice cream for dinner? lol... I thought it was. They each picked out their very own 1/2 gal and after our real made chicken tacos....I scooped 'em up some ice cream in a cone and they were happy.

It is freaking cold here today!! Like I think its gonna snow cold. May have to turn on the freaking heater! Or the fire place! Last week shorts. This week...freakin' parka! And's a tie which word I use most. Freakin' or......dude. That's a tough one.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why is it creativity comes to me...

in the middle of the freakin' night!! After I scrap at night I'm generally pretty wound up. So sometimes I watch a little television before I go to bed. Even after doing that, once I get in bed, my minds starts churning, thinking about what this page idea for that page...ideas for various things. Why...WHY doesn't that creativity come to me when I'm actually sitting and scrapping???!!!

Here's something recent I did. Have I mentioned how very much I LOVE Hambly??? Well....I do.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I love making mini books.

I do. They are so fun. Here's one I did for the Oct newsletter for SG. And get this....I did it in ONE NIGHT. That is huge people. I take for freakin ever to do a page. Seriously. Oh...and..uh...note to self. Mini books are not the best choice for a newsletter. Hard to fit all the pages in. Doh.

BLOGGER WILL NOT LET ME POST THE REST OF THE PAGES. WTH?! No clue what the f'in prob is. I'll try to post the rest tomorrow. Oh and also keep in mind that since these pics were taken I got my hair cut. WOOOT!

Um, yeah. I have them.
And lots of 'em.
But I'm lucky. He sees more than that.
He sees beauty, laughter and love.
After 15 years of being together, this is us.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Be wild free style (The Boogie That B)........

Think Black Eyed Peas here.
Loving my iPod.
Hating my sore throat.
Hating that my kids are both sick (day 2).
Hating that James worked 24 hours straight.
Loving the cooler weather and rain last night.
Loving SEI pp. Blackberry. I'm feelin' it.
Loving Black Eyed Peas: shut up. Sums up my mood today.
Must get out of this whatever mood I'm in.
Laptop battery is about to die. Again.
I'll publish before it does.
Scrapping tonight.
Hoping for some goodness there.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My day so far.

Woke up this morning to two sick kids.
Woke up this morning to a not rested puffy-eyed James.
James is now at work.
Um...did I mention it's Sunday?
He's not supposed to be at work.
I'm starting to come down with something. Again.
We've been plagued by illness since E started school.
It just won't stop.
I'm on the edge.
Want...NEED to create.
No time.
Always rushed.
Always just fitting things in.
Did get an uninterruped shower.
Boys were playing nicely together.
It happens.
From time to time.
Battery is now dead in my laptop.
Sure wish it wasn't.