Sunday, December 31, 2006

For 2007.....

I would like:
to continue losing weight.
health for my family (yes I have someone particular in mind) but of course everyone. this really is #1 for me. but i'm too lazy to move this to the top.
happiness for my family.
to stop wasting time.
to be motivated.
to be recognized in some way (scrapping-related).
to be nicer.
to have more patience.
to travel. mendocino. london. name a few. there are many more places i want to go.
to have more time to create. i hate feeling like there is not enough time.
to not be tired.
to not feel sad.
for illness or death not to touch me. at least for a while. ok?
there's more. but alexander is now here helping. yeah. that's what he calls it.

1 comment:

JenSmack said...

In the places you want to travel you forgot to mention ORLANDO.