Friday, October 06, 2006

I love making mini books.

I do. They are so fun. Here's one I did for the Oct newsletter for SG. And get this....I did it in ONE NIGHT. That is huge people. I take for freakin ever to do a page. Seriously. Oh...and..uh...note to self. Mini books are not the best choice for a newsletter. Hard to fit all the pages in. Doh.

BLOGGER WILL NOT LET ME POST THE REST OF THE PAGES. WTH?! No clue what the f'in prob is. I'll try to post the rest tomorrow. Oh and also keep in mind that since these pics were taken I got my hair cut. WOOOT!

Um, yeah. I have them.
And lots of 'em.
But I'm lucky. He sees more than that.
He sees beauty, laughter and love.
After 15 years of being together, this is us.


JenSmack said...

Oh. My. Gawd.

It's BRILLIANT! Love how you did the title on the front - that cracked me up BIG TIME!

This is so very cool!

(I love mini-books too!)

JupitorMoon said...

you don't mess around with the creativity! I love it!