Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm single and free..uh....except for the part where I have the kids...lol...

Here's a LO I did for a challenge (to use stamps) at SG. Wish I could just crank 'em out one after the other. Sometimes they just flow. Other times...uh....not so much. lol... This one happened pretty quickly. Love that. I'm currently stuck on a LO I'm working on. Had something specific in mind but it's just not all coming together. I have put it aside for a while.

James left on Sunday. He'll be back in a week. He's at a class. The boys miss him. Is it good parenting to console the boys with ice cream for dinner? lol... I thought it was. They each picked out their very own 1/2 gal and after our real dinner....lol...yes...I made chicken tacos....I scooped 'em up some ice cream in a cone and they were happy.

It is freaking cold here today!! Like I think its gonna snow cold. May have to turn on the freaking heater! Or the fire place! Last week shorts. This week...freakin' parka! And yeah...it's a tie which word I use most. Freakin' or......dude. That's a tough one.


smkh1117 said...

Love the scrappage girl! You rock!

Jupitormoon said...

I either say "Dude" alot, or "I'm gonna rock some hair!" ala Jonathon Anton!
Lovin' the paint! I gotta try it.

JenSmack said...

Hey - there is NOTHING wrong with bribing the kids with ice cream. Or Halloween candy. Or anything else for that matter.

LOVE your painted LOs... have I told you that enough lately?! And you use color so bravely and beautifuly! I freakin love it, dude!

(it's a tie for me) :)