Saturday, December 02, 2006

My latest mini book.

This is my latest mini book (for the Dec SG newsletter). Lots of fabric, fabric trim, tulle, ribbon, Bazzill, staples, paint and some Hambly. And I must give a shout out to my friend Jen for giving me the inspo for this book. This is what I did after looking at your "book o' inspiration". I played. Picked out some things I like and put 'em together. It's a 7 G's wire-o album totally covered in goodness.

Naked baby fresh from the bath
Running downstairs to come and play with momma
Tickles, laughter and love.
Alexander and me.

The pics really don't give the full affect. It's much richer, brighter and the colors aren't exactly true here....not sure why.... If you want to see the bigger version click here.

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Stephanie said...

Your creative genius never ceases to amaze me!