Saturday, September 30, 2006

Next day's hair....not so good.

I always leave the salon feelin' good. After all, someone who knows what they are doing has just done my hair for me. So this morning, I took a shower, got ready to go to E's soccer hair freaked out. It's in shock. And really so was I...over how sucky it looked this morning. It wouldn't do anything. Felt like I was dressin' up for Halloween just a bit early! Another couple days of 'training' my hair again and it'll all be good because really I do like the cut. Until then...hmmm...a hat. Yes. Definitely.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Hair cut...finally!

Got my hair cut this morning after I dropped E off at school. Took Alexander. He was SO good. He played with blocks, colored...played with his crane. What a good little boy he was!!! I feel so much better now. My hair was way too long! Now it's choppie (a little flippy) and right above my shoulders. Much better.

Bought some new bras (and matching undies). Um....yeah. That's how exciting my life is. But I do feel better when I wear something ( know...something my grandma WOULDN'T wear) under my shorts and tee's.

Haven't scrapped in four days!!!! Yikes. I should. I will.

Loving E's excitement about school and hearing all about his day when I pick him up. Loving spending more one-on-one time with Alexander. Hardest part of second kid...if you ask me....finding the time for that one-on-one. So I'm soaking up every minute of this time...when E is in kindergarten and gone for the morning...and Alexander and I can just do things together. Then I look forward to picking E up...hearing about everything that happened at school...

Soccer practice later aka I take Alexander to the park and James watches soccer practice. lol... Alexander and his love of the park. Oh, and that kid is going to have the longest blonde locks ever. He refused a hair cut today when we were at the salon. lol.... That's okay...I secretly like it.

P.S. Mini albums are addicting. That's my new thing. My fave things are the file folder mini album I did and the one I just did for the Oct SG newsletter.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump me's Wednesday.

Had a good day...though not productive. Took E to school then Alexander and I went to Mervyn's. Looking for the rest of E's school/winter clothes. Found.....NOTHING. A big fat ZERO. Nada. Zip. Zipola. You get the idea. Tomorrow perhaps we'll find our way to Kohl's. Don't really like shopping though. Did finish going through the boxes so I know exactly what Alexander has. I need five more pairs of pants for E...that should do it. Though...if I find something absolutely outrageous I might just have to get that too. My fave of his pants are his camo pants. LOVE those. When he wears 'em he just up! So different from the little boy who ran around here all summer.

Did really enjoy spending some one-on-one time with Alexander today. He's talking up a storm...I mean he's been talking for a long time now. But he's using really long sentences and we have actual conversations. It's the best. He's soooo freaking adorable. And yes..he's of course I would say that....but really...honestly...he is. The most adorable loving sweet little boy on the planet. I can say that because E isn't little anymore. lol... He's big. Oh...and don't get me wrong. Of course Alexander can be difficult...he actually has been on and off for the last couple of days....but even so...he's still the cutest little boy on the planet!

Ever wish your day could end differently...and just feel like you have no control over how it plays out? I reallly wish I could take the stress away from James.....make him happy.....not feel like he just spent his entire day at work and then came home to feel like he has loads more work to do. He's currently upstairs cleaning out the fish tank. Um....I don't really think he's having fun.

Talked to E's teacher really quick today when I picked him up. She said he's doing beautifully. Thank god. lol.... I told him I'm proud of him. He got a star. He also got a new little Lightening McQueen car. He sleeps with it. He can be the most adorable boy ever.

Had something else to say...but sheesh...who can remember what. I should be helping with the fish tank I guess....blech....hate those fish...said the animal lover.....but fish really aren't animals, now are they?! lol.... I'll never forget...shoot...what's her name.....Oh. Raylene. She gave those fish to long ago. Yeah...uh...thanks. A lot. Barf.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The other night at dinner, we were having salmon...out of the blue Ethan asks, "Do the salmon have to be dead.." then he saw the look on my face and stopped talking. So...yes, we had the fish has to be dead before we eat it conversation. I knew we would have this conversation one day....just really wasn't fully prepared for it. We still have a bigger one coming. You see, I don't eat red meat. So the boys don't either. And I've been saying when E is old enough and can understand what really happens...that he can decide for himself. So...uh...guess that time is near. That is really not a conversation I want to have. But I will.

Things are really changing around here. We're finally getting into a good morning groove to get E to school. Just requires that I get up earlier....BLECH I just start everything earlier so we aren't rushed. When we're all ready I take the boys to school and they play on the playground until the bell. When the bell rings, Alexander knows it's time to go. And we haven't even had to to the park....which we did every day for the first two weeks....omg.....that was too much time at the it's all good now! Alexander seems to be adjusting to having Ethan gone and they play together nicely at least until it's time for Alexander's rest. Yay for me. lol...

Also had another kind of sad conversation with Ethan last night. When I tucked him in he told me he doesn't think Christian likes him anymore. This is the little friend he's had for the last couple of years. They play our his house....they proclaimed themselves to be best friends. And then school started. lol... They are in the same class but find themselves spending time with different friends. So E was upset and thought Christian didn't like him anymore. I explained to him that like him, Christian has just discovered new friends...that he and Christian are still friends...but it was sad. I don't like for my kids to feel any way...and yes, I know there is much more to come Ethan's way....but wow.

So anyway....we're off to go to Christian's birthday party/pizza thing. Yes...Ethan and Christian are still friends.....I just wonder what new and interesting things Ethan will do or say tomorrow!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My first altered project....sort of.....

I had three pics. But I didn't want to cram them all onto one page and I suck at two page spreads. I mean...I can do them...they just take fooooooorever. And I didn't have that much time. Had to get something done for SG. So I decided to make a mini album using a file folder. It's a very mini album. lol... (three pages) Anyway, it was fun to do.

Where the Wild Things Are

1. Climb up onto the couch together.
2. Giggle and laugh.
3. Jump and make your mommy crazy!

Then the last page (which is actually the file folder itself) says:
The wild things live here.

OKAY....for whatever reason Blogger isn't letting me upload any more pics! Only thing missing is the folder open (so you're not really missing much but it adds to the overall affect I think) WTH???!!!! won't let me put the text above the pics!!! I need the I'm pissed off emoticon!

I've been tagged....

by Steph!

The rules are : List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Dont forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

Five weird things:

1. I scrap better when I'm by myself. When I scrap with girlfriends I really don't get much done. And recently I started watching Desperate Housewives on my IPOD while I scrap. I'm loving that. Or...I jam to some tunes....last night...Black Eyed Peas. I'm on the hunt for some Gwen Stefani.

2. The only kind of milk chocolate I like is Hershey's candy bars and I like the ones with almonds more than without but I don't otherwise like to eat almonds. I would choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate 90% of the time.

3. I hate it when cupboards and drawers are left open. I am SO anal about certain things!

4. I love coffee but only drink it when I can sit and chill....and I hate making it at home. I am more likely to stop by Starbucks on my way home from taking Ethan to school and get a decaf mocha than I am just to make a pot of coffee at home.

5. I don't drink milk but I like Frosted Mini Wheats and when I eat them I eat them with milk...but there MUST be ice in the bowl. The milk has to be really really cold. It's the only way I use milk. I never just pour it into a glass and drink it. Ick.

I will be back to tag 5 peeps. All my faves are on my laptop and I'm currently upstairs on the....GASP....regular computer! My laptop battery has is no more.....BLAH. It now only charges when it's turned off. WTH anyway????!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006 what are the haps.

I swear I am going to make the time to put up a slide show of my stuff!!! I should be doing it now instead of this post!! I have wanted to put up a slide show since I started this bloggitty blog. I also still really want a coolio banner!!! Why aren't I better at all this computer stuff!!!! HA. I laugh at myself for that one.

I'm about to go off to my scrappy space and get scrappy. I just finished putting together my article for the SG Oct newsletter. All I need to do is figure out how to embed the links I need. Hmmmmm......maybe, just MAYBE, if I'm lucky, James will be feeling better tomorrow and he will help me. Uh...yeah...hopefully.....I want it to be perfectly presentable before I send it off.

I've been listening to Justin Timberlake (Sexy Back). I am LOVING that song. Much to James' dismay. lol... He's not a JT fan. Actually, I never really thought I was either. I giggle at me...listening to Justin Timberlake...shakin' my booty. My kids laugh too. Believe me. lol...

Hoping E feels better tomorrow....he's one star away from greatness. Well......maybe not greatness....but at the very least, a small toy. Reward of his choice (within reason of course)!!! It's after 11:00 and I hear the poor kid sniffeling upstairs in his bed. Hope he gets to go to school tomorrow. He will be very bummed if he doesn't get that third star tomorrow.

Off to scrap.....and shake my boot-ay. Seriously....I'm laughing.........

Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm feelin' scrappy!!

Just haven't had the energy to scrap! Still trying to get in a new groove with Ethan now going to kindergarten in the morning. Sheesh. It shouldn't be that hard. I just have to get up a little earlier...that's all. BLECH. Me and early....not so good.

Met with E's teacher today. Turns out he's having trouble understanding all the rules. So today we explained to him what is expected. HA. I still can't believe I had to meet with the teacher in.....WEEK TWO. OMG...there are SO many weeks left.

Soccer practice later. But it's SO freaking windy. And cold. Two days ago it was in the 90s. Today? 60s. I prefer cold but the Zan Man...he'll be cold at soccer practice. Our second game tomorrow. They are so fun to watch. E wasn't feeling great for the first game so this one should be even better!

I'm waiting for my most recent order from SG to arrive. AND I'm waiting for the Hambly to get to the store. Sheesh. A girl can only wait so long. Need me some yesterday. I know that will kick my ass into gear and no matter how tired I am I will scrap.

Must....MUST make some time this weekend to create. I need it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh crap.

I got an email from Ethan's teacher today. She wants to see me in the morning before school. This can't be good. I did email her, asking if I could do anything to help with her prep work...but then today when I picked Ethan up he told me he got put in time out today. So...does she want to talk to me about that? she just going to give me some stuff to do to help her. Guess we'll find out in the am. EEEEEEEEEEEKS.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some observations. I a pig because I ate the rest of the pie right out of the pie pan and didn't use a plate? Or because I considered eating chocolate cake too. Yea...both. But I didn't. Thought about it, but I didn't.

Second...when I was tucking E into bed tonight he said, "Remember when I was three and we watched a movie with Santa....." Of course he continued on with his story. But what it made me think about, having just had my mom here for a few days...I only have memories of my mom (with me helping) decorating the Christmas tree. My dad always set it up in the stand, and of course cut it down because my mom had to trek for hours and hours in the forrest looking for JUST the perfect tree. But then my dad was done. That was his part. I think it's strange the things I remember (and all the things I don't remember) from my childhood. Why did my mind decide to keep that memory but not so many others? Is it becasue that's how it was when I was growing up? My parents living very seperate lives...and that's how my mind chooses for me to remember? Who knows. What I DO know is that I want E to have GOOD memories...and lots of he can look back and remember and be happy when he does. I want that for Alexander too.

We've been hit by the plague!

Everyone in our house is sick. I've been sick for eight freaking days now. First it was Alexander. Then Ethan. Then me. And now James. He's been home the last two days. It hits him hard. And let me just say....he no fun to hang with when he's sick. Yea...that's right dude. You know it's true. Sorry. But wowza. I just hope you get better FAST.

It's been really really hard becasue I was getting sick when my mom got here. Then I proceeded to get sicker while she was here. I just hope she got lucky and escaped the doom. Seriously...this one sucks. Sore throat. NO energy. More sore throat. Congestion. Being totally zapped...just wiped out! Coughing. And more coughing. Then more sore throat. Not sleeping well. And then more being out of energy all the while you must still do things. And care for the little ones. I hate to see my kids sick.

I just hope Ethan doesn't get it again or get something else right on top of it. Some little boys were out at school because they were sick and now they're back. I know he'll get things from school, there's no way to avoid it. Just please...not right on top of what he just got over!

Alexander is almost all the way better. I was worried about E this morning when I took him to school. He just looked really really pale. So I'm going to put the boys to bed a little early tonight. I'm hoping some extra sleep will help fight off whatever's next.

I have not scrapped since the end of August! GASP. First our company from Atlanta. Then we left for camping the day they went home. Then soccer and school...and my mom came. I've just had NO time. Between that and feeling like crap!!!!!!!!!! I do feel a little better today...just still totally zapped. If only I could sleep well...good deep rest for just ONE night. That would make a huge difference! A girl can hope...right?!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A surprise from James!!!!

We've been married a long time. So it's not often he can surprise me. But today...he DID!!!!!!!!! For my birthday he got me an IPOD! I had NO clue. And believe is RARE he can do something that I don't know about or he doesn't inadvertantly tell me about! So what a surprise! Now I can jam to some rad tuneage when I scrap! He even downloaded the first season of Desperate Housewives for me. I'm so freaking excited. Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously...this is so awesome! I've been jammin' to some Beastie Boy eez while cleaning today!

James...I love you. Thank you.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Catching up!

Our friends from Atlanta are now back home. Our camping trip over Labor Day was FAB. Haven't laughed so much as I did on Sunday night in such a long time. It was good.

Ethan had his third day of kindergarten today. He seems to really love it and that makes me happy. The only hard part is for Alexander. He misses E. He was crying this morning when we left (as E was walking into his classroom). Made me SO sad. It's SO hard for Alexander to be the younger brother because he is SO ready to do EVERYTHING E does. I was sad, the first day, when James and I took E to school. Happy and sad...and excited for him...geeesh. lol.... He was having some problems with his behavior when we were camping so I was really beginning to wonder if he would see Principal Paul on his first day. Thankfully that didn't happen. lol...

Getting ready for my mom's visit. She arrives on Saturday. E also has his first soccer game on Saturday (and practice again tomorrow). Seems like we've been SO busy for a long time now! I have't scrapped in over 10 days!! I have been so tired I actually went to bed at 11:15 last night. And peeps...that is EARLY EARLY EARLY for me. I am such a night owl. It's my only free time and it's when I scrap (or sometimes when I watch movies that James doesn't want to see). But mostly I scrap.

I've been so tired I can't seem to get my groove on. So instead of sitting at my desk last night...blankly staring and doing nothing I went to bed. WITH James. That's rare. He usually goes to bed WAY before me. So that was nice.

So tomorrow, are ya ready for this??? I know I'm not. But it must be done. I must clean the sty before my mom gets here. Plus it really needs it with the extra bods that were in the house. So think of cleaning some more....double ICK. Really. Truly. And I will. Maybe I'll sneak some in tonight. Won't be doing any this weekend with my mom I better get a quick fix tonight.

Friday, September 01, 2006

We're outta here!

Going camping for the long weekend. And rafting. And kayaking. A big group of rowdy, raunchy and oh so fun peeps! Later.....