Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yes people.

He IS grabbing my boob. Should I use this for our Christmas cards?


Anonymous said...

I think this photo is fabulous! My husband is silly that way too! It really is a beautiful photo. Maybe a poinsettia in a strategic area. LOL Sher

JenSmack said...

Did he do it on purpose? LOL! Love the photo - that's definitely scrappable!! Ha!

I have a picture like that with my dh from when I was pregnant with my son.. he meant to put his hand on his belly... yeah, he missed.

The next photo (my MIL took) shows us laughing hysterically.

So funny.

You MuST scrap this!!

JenSmack said...

BTW - you look so cute in this picture... such a sweet smile!

Jupitormoon said...

At least you got a little something extra for xmas! *wink*wink*