Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I think...

I think my scrapping style is very different. I love to use paint. I like it funky. I am so not your traditional or classic scrapper. And I like it that way. I couldn't change it even if I tried. I don't know how to do 'classic' scrapping. It's not...well...in me. Scrapping to me is a creative outlet. It's a way for me to immerse myself, to forget everything else. If at least for a few minutes. And I love that. But I've also noticed my style is not the most popular. People like cleaner layouts than what I do. It's just something I've noticed. It's not something I'm particularly upset about. And it's not something that will make me change my style. It is...just something...I have noticed.

That being said, and not even really related (I just feel like posting a LO)...here's a LO I did a couple of days ago. I like it. Even if no one else does. It was fun. I played, experimented and I love doing that. I realize not everything must be a masterpiece. And believe me, they're not. But this one I like. It's the color. It's the paint. It's the pic (I made it purple). It's all of it together. I think it just works. So even if no one else does...I do. And that's what matters.

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JenSmack said...

I freakin' love this!! Love the purple & your rockin' handwriting!!

You're so good - and I love your funky style. Keep it up, girl.