Friday, September 22, 2006

My first altered project....sort of.....

I had three pics. But I didn't want to cram them all onto one page and I suck at two page spreads. I mean...I can do them...they just take fooooooorever. And I didn't have that much time. Had to get something done for SG. So I decided to make a mini album using a file folder. It's a very mini album. lol... (three pages) Anyway, it was fun to do.

Where the Wild Things Are

1. Climb up onto the couch together.
2. Giggle and laugh.
3. Jump and make your mommy crazy!

Then the last page (which is actually the file folder itself) says:
The wild things live here.

OKAY....for whatever reason Blogger isn't letting me upload any more pics! Only thing missing is the folder open (so you're not really missing much but it adds to the overall affect I think) WTH???!!!! won't let me put the text above the pics!!! I need the I'm pissed off emoticon!


JenSmack said...

Oh - oh - oh - I absolutely LOVE this! Brilliant, my friend. Just brilliant.

Love the title in general.. perfect for the mood you were trying to convey.

Love the distressed paint, the letters, the masking tape.. it is all SO VERY GOOD.

YOU are a rock star!

Jupitormoon said...

Holy cow I need to get me one of those! I love it!

Lisa said...

That photo of the jammie glad boy running through the frame is brilliant....simply brilliant.

And back on topic...I do believe you have the altered "thang" down.