Sunday, June 22, 2008 i come!

obviously this is not my original photo. i've never been to thailand. i borrowed this photo from google images. this is southern thailand (krabi province) to be exact. and i'm goin' there. it is official. i am going to thailand with the amazing em falconbridge
and the fab tara whitney. my deposit has been paid. there is no turning back. and believe me, i have my reservations (leaving my kids and hubby, spending 'family' money on just ME, james taking time off from HIS work for ME to do this, etc., etc.....did i mention it's not exactly cheap??)...anyone want to buy a painting...*coughGOTOMYETSYSHOPcough* LOL! i'm totally kidding. yeah. sort of! lol..
but it doesn't matter. i am freaking going. i'm excited, and scared (me no speaky the language, and...uh...the baht?? yeah. how does that money thing work exactly??)....and a whole lot of other things. and more than likely would not be going if it wasn't for james. so ya big hunka hunka man, thank you. you de best.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

photo's from my dad's house.

i failed to take my camera with me when the boys and i went to see my dad (and my aunt sandy and uncle lou). however, my aunt sandy was kind enough to take a few pictures and email them to me when she got home. this is me and the boys (duh) inside my dad's house.
my dad aka LRB taking alexander for his first-ever ride on a quad. alexander had a hard time figuring out the controls (my dad let him accelerate and steer), but once he figured it out there was no stopping him. the kid has no fear.

my dad taking E for his first-ever ride on a quad. i had to coax him into it. E is timid. he is the oppositive of alexander in that regard. but once E got on, he had a blast! i felt like a bad mom (coaxing him to do something he was scared to do) but i also don't want him to be afraid to live life. i want him to try new things even if he's scared. if he doesn't do that, how will he ever experience what life has to offer.
and as usual when i blog, the boys are in the tub and now i must go make sure they have washed their grubby little feet and hands. we spent another day working in the back yard. the good news? the first excavation (yes, there is a second excavation still to come) is almost completely done and level. if i never see another shovel, mattock or wheel barrow i will be a happy woman.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

photo impressionism?

have you heard of photo impressionism? i have. and it's cool. this photo is not the best example, but it's the first semi-usable photo i could make work. this is SF bay. we took the byos there for my birthday a couple of years ago. photo impressionism, for me at least, takes the photo and captures the feeling. it captures the essence of the photo (which is what i like to do when i paint). if i messed with this some more i could make it look very much like a painting. pretty cool. anyway, sometimes i like to mess with photos before i paint from them. it expands my horizon and gives me ideas for color.
a quick page basically trying to get the photos i had on my table, OFF my table. journaling: be free. with your spirit. with your kindness. in your life. some good words for E as he grows up.
just came in from working in the back yard again. going to give the boys a bath. taking TWO allergy pills tonight so hopefully i will be knocked on my ass and get some sleep. heeeeeeee!
looks like i may be going out of town next week. that's another post all in itself for another time.
ps: bangkok is 14 hours ahead of my local time. just, you know, in case you were wondering. ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the lines are blurred. another scrappy!

how do i know when it's okay to do something for myself. the lines are blurred for me. the last 7 years have been all about being a mother, my kids' wants and needs. starting to emerge from that but having a really hard time figuring out the balance.
the trip to my dad's was actually nice. no expectations? can't be disappointed. he took the boys for a ride on his quad. alexander was way into that. he took them for a ride on his golf cart (let them both drive actually) which they were both very excited about. it was nice to see my aunt sandy and uncle lou.
got a rare, and i do mean rare compliment from my dad. he said i have good boys. my uncle lou also complimented me on what good children i have. they were both good. really good. and it was nice.
i took my dad's quad out for a little spin too. that was damn fun. did i mention i was wearing a skirt? so not the right clothing to wear to ride a quad. but no matter. it needed to be done. so i did it. and it was fun.
just came in from working out in the back yard. a maddock (is that how you even spell that?) should never...and i do mean NEVER be weilded by a woman. makes my hands hurt. james is by far the stronger of the two of us but i figure any little bit i do is less he has to do. our 4 yards of rock that were delivered yesterday are now tucked away in the back yard waiting to be used. maybe this weekend. if we dig out there every night this week we might be ready for rock by saturday. maybe.
now i must go be mommy again and check on the boys. it's almost their bedtime.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

finally scrapped.

after having not scrapped for almost four months i finally made a page. click on the image. trust me, way better to look at it that way.

journaling: how can i be bored and happy.....just trying to get through the next day yet enjoying it (at least to some degree) at the same time.

how can i have all of these emotions at once? i don't want to just 'get' through the day. i want to live each day with passion. i want to wake up feeling rested and excited about my day. i want to show my boys how to live each day to the fullest. now if only i can figure out how to do that.

going to my father's tomorrow (in california). just for the day. my aunt sandy and uncle lou are there and my dad asked if we (me and the boys only, james will be working) wanted to come. should be interesting. and i'll tell you this. i'm only going because E overheard james and i talking (saying that my dad invited us). because E overheard us, he got very excited at the prospect of seeing The Grandpa. why, i do not know. my dad does not show the boys affection. he will take them for a ride in the golf cart (he lives on a golf course). or he'll take them on his quad. and that will pretty much be the extent of my dad's attention for the boys. his wife will be slightly better, but not much.

so i am going, and hoping it will be a nice day. i have absolutely no expectations and i say if you start from zero, there is only one way to go and that's up. we have been invited for dinner. i did tell my dad i need to be back home early in the evening (we're having 4 yards of rock delivered tomorrow) and i need to be here for that. so. if dinner's not ready by the time we need to leave? i'm standing up for myself and leaving anyway. i am prepared. i have food packed for the boys. i am in no way obligated....hmm....i mean...i don't 'have' to stay. i'm doing what's best for me and the boys. if i appear rude because of that? oh well. i will fit them into our schedule, not the other way around. it's almost empowering, realizing i can stand up for myself. you're thinking...uh...dude. it's just dinner. trust me. it's more than that. hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and the boys can have a bit of time with The Grandpa and The Grandma. yes, that's what they call them. The Grandma and The Grandpa. i did that. and it totally cracks me up. **insert evil little laugh here** heh.

Friday, June 13, 2008

is it as easy as this?

it seems to be our ritual that after dinner each night the boys play out front, with a bowl of ice cream which they put on the table on the patio. tonight it was blow bubbles, chase and then pop them. fun stuff.
this photograph is very E. he's showing his personality. he's also asserting who he is. it's kind of a good thing....and a bad thing. he's 7 going on i know everything and you don't. someone get me a drink. :wink:
last night james and i met a few people at the farmer's market, had a couple of drinks, bought some fruit and veggies, then went out to eat just the two of us. it was nice. so, i've been thinking. what makes you happy? is it as simple as nice weather, some friends, being an adult for a while? being a couple again? what is it that makes you happy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sex and the city.

i dig this in black and white.

i think i'm sort of checking out. just a bit.
this summer it is going to be very hard for me to find any creative time. with E home, the weekends being filled with landscaping the back yard (which is hard on james) just seems like summer (at least it has been so far) is all about the boys (keeping them entertained, so they don't fight), and getting things done in the back (it needs it, believe me, and has been a long time coming). all with minimal television. yeah. i have a 'thing' about how much television the boys watch and exactly what they watch. all this doesn't leave time for much else.

i may not even be taking the boys to SF.
we may not even take our annual trip to mendocino.
my brother's three boys will be here on the 22nd to stay for a week. so i'll be even busier then. i love those boys, so it will be good...but hard at the same time.

i watched sex and the city (the movie) this last weekend. i never thought i would admit that out loud! lol.... i never watched the show. really not my thing. but, as it turns out, i loved the movie. it was romantic, and funny, and sad all at the same time. and now i am watching sex and the city from the beginning (season 1)....i have six glorious seasons to watch on my iPod while i work out, what could make a girl happier?!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what i miss.

do you know what i miss?
the ocean.
the way it smells.
the way it feels.
how i feel when i am there.
i'm very emotional today.
seriously. dude. i need to get a grip!
questioning myself. again.
what is the right thing to do?
weighing what i really want against what i 'should' do.
clearly i need to art journal. but it won't be happening tonight.

i haven't scrapped in way over three months. i've been creative in other ways, (duh, hello i have an etsy shop now)....just haven't scrapped. or even art journaled. i was thinking today, as i was folding laundry, that i've been extremely tired. more tired than normal. and believe me, on any given day, i'm way beyond tired. i think it's partly because of all the quakes. that and the fact i have trouble sleeping to begin with. i'm so used to waking up at the slightest noise (hello, i'm a mother)....guess i need to figure out a way to re-program my mind and body so i stop waking up 50 times a night. yeah. i'll work on that.

Monday, June 09, 2008

i'm tired of earthquakes.

photo of alexander i took earlier today. he climbed up onto the footboard of his bed and was laying on his big bear (groven bear), and just being. as you can see...nothing on the walls. we're still shakin'. in fact, it's picked up over the last three days and we had a 4.0 over the weekend. what. 4.0 doesn't sound big? well trust me. it's big enough. big enough for things to break. big enough to bounce things make your dishes actually get to watch your entire house shake. we actually had four larger quakes sat night (2) and two on sunday during the day. another one this evening. i'm not sure i'll ever be able to put stuff back up on the walls in the boys' rooms. seriously. SO tired of the quakes!!!!
i know we're lucky (very lucky in fact compred to all the tragedy happening in china)....i just want to feel safe again. i hate....HATE how loud quakes are, and the sheer power? it's amazing. definitely puts you in your place....reminds you of how small you really are.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

i'm officially an on-line bill payer now.

just added this to my etsy shop. as i was working on it, i hated it. couldn't get it to work. set it aside and came back to it a day or two later. made two small changes and it just clicked. what a beautiful thing.....when it just comes together like that.

i may be adding another product to my shop soon. when i get it all figured out that is. not anything big, something small. but beautiful nonetheless. at least i hope!

signed myself up for online bill pay tonight. yes. i finally did it. the next bill i pay will be without a check or stamp. woot! so lea...gonna have to find something else to give me 'crap' about! lol... not that there's a shortage of stuff to give me a hard time about, believe me! lol...

going to go watch mindless television now. then go to bed. happy friday!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

can you say i am a freaking moron??!!

last weekend, while james was in california, the boys enjoyed some running through the sprikler in the front yard time!
they really didn't care how cold the water was from the sprinklers. they were content to run, be crazy, freeze....then lay their towels on the driveway where it was warm, warm up...then do it all over again!

alexander and i walked down to the mailbox today. know what i found? no? well then, let me tell you. i found a notice. from the power company. telling me they were going to turn off our freaking power. WTF???!!! i was like...uh...NO i paid the damn bill!! so i went inside, to my desk, where all the bills go and wait to be paid. and guess what i found. the bill. i freaking failed to pay the power bill for may!! and dudes. the power company really doesn't care that my lack of sleep is affecting my daily life. they want their freakin' money. i cannot freaking believe i did not pay the bill!!! so i loaded up the boys, and for the first time in my life, went down to the power company in person to pay the bill. an experience i hope to never repeat.

THEN...yeah...there's more. i realized i hadn't paid the house payment yet. it was due a couple of days ago. good thing we have a grace period, that's all i can say. so i get all the bills that currently need to be paid, get my stamps (yes, i still actually write out an antequated check)...and start to write out checks. ONLY to find out i am out of freaking checks!!! my checkbook has one check. the box (where i THOUGHT the rest of our checks were)...EMPTY. seriously. i cannot freaking believe it! in all my bill-paying years i have NEVER forgotten to pay a bill. it was sobering to actually realize that my lack of sleep in affecting me that much. good thing james has a few checks left in his stash. that will get us through until i order more checks and/or figure out how to start paying on-line.

seriously. what in the hell in wrong with me?!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

feeling inspired by color.

just added this painting to my etsy shop. feeling very inspired by ultramarine blue and deep violet along with yellow ocre and reds.

i *think* E's teacher loved the painting i gave her (see post below). she said it brought tears to her eyes (and she showed it to all the other teachers). so that's good. because believe me, i was VERY nervous about it. i am extremely nervous/anxious each time i ship a painting to someone.

the colors on this one are interesting. they're bold. and i like that.

we took E out to dinner tonight to celebrate the end of first grade. yeah. that's what i told him anyway. real reason? i hadn't even thought about dinner. just didn't have it in me today. tomorrow i'll do better.

need to go to bed i suppose. gotta get started on that waking up fifty million times a night so i wake up feeling un-refreshed and un-ready for my day!! lol... yeah. i know. i'm little miss positive, aren't i. better!

Monday, June 02, 2008

summer is almost here.

giving this painting to E's teacher tomorrow (along with a starbucks card and a loaded visa card). wanted something i think she will use (i know she loves starbucks)...and visa is taken pretty much anywhere. but i also wanted something personal to give to her. i can't think of anything more personal (from me anyway) than a painting. i have no idea if my style is something she will even be interested in so i'm a little nervous about giving it to her.

feeling a little bit like a single mom. it's only been a few days of james being away, working on the weekend and being super busy during the work week). i shouldn't complain. i just find myself wondering how i'm going to make it through the summer. if today (AFTER i picked E up from school) is any indication of what it will be like...someone just kill me now. pretty please. all E has done today is whine, and pick on alexander. all alexander has done is cry (kept getting hurt and telling me E was being mean to him).

seems it doesn't take much to take away any reserve i have. desperately needing to find some balance (both james and i need that), just not sure how to do it. painting only in bits and pieces of time is not conducive to great art, any kind of art really. wanting to scrap but having to choose whether i scrap, paint or art journal. feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of summer i guess. need to figure out how to make it good quality time with E (and zan) because i fully realize that soon enough, the time my boys are small, will be gone.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

field day!

this is E and kathy. they've had a thing for each other all year long. it's soooo cute. friday was field day for E and i took alexander and we hung out for a while while the entire first grade was out on the field. E definitely has a thing for redheads. you can see alexander there, on the right. he was excited to finally be included in something that had to do with school. he cannot wait until it's his turn to go. poor kid has no clue how long it's gonna be (a whole nother year)!!

this is E, justin and mateo (friends/classmates). so stinking cute. i love this pic! they are all so carefree. and i probably shouldn't be posting pics that have other peoples' kids in them. sssshhhh. don't tell anyone! ;) i couldn't resist.
we are counting down the days until E is done with first grade. he goes to school monday, tuesday and then half a day wednesday and that is it! i can't believe it. now i must get off the puter and tuck my boys in.