Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well lets see....

Nothing like having to spend an unexpected $1,600 dollars. First....big tv stops working. And's only TWO years old. BARELY two years old. James calls the tv repair man. SO not my department. Guy comes out (the Monday before Thanksgiving) believe that? And he came at like 6:30. The dude tells me he needs to take my tv. WTF???!!! No big-ass tv???? Well what am I gonna do at night? Huh?! to my husband? Play with my kids??????? Yeah...uh.....hmmmmmmmmm. Scrap??? So the dude says he may have it back by the Wed before Thanksgiving. Well lets I have my tv back yet? Uh.........................NO. It's been 9 freaking days. And get's going to cost $550 to fix it. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow afternoon......THANK GOD......I mean really.....I don't watch that much tv....but isn't it a little barbaric to have NO tv???? We took the smaller one out of our bedroom and put it in the fam room....heh. Can you say binoculars??!! Seriously...can't even freaking see it. I'll admit I was pretty stunned when James brought that big ass tv home...but dude.....I LOVE it. Shhhh...don't tell James. I'll never hear the end of it. bank account is getting hit big time. The tv...and......

My car. Explorer started doing weird shit when I tried putting it into park. And my driver side window stopped going up and down. And then the passenger side front window started doing weird shit. And's only three years old. So James (again...not my dept)...calls to make an appt to have it looked at. $1,100 and three days later....holy f'in shit....I got my car back tonight. Seriously....people...I cannot handle too many things out of order in my life at one time. Not the tv AND my car. I've been driving James' big ass truck around...which the boys Uh...not so much. It's bigger than my car. And harder to park. So I'll be happy to get into my very own ride in the a.m. to take E to school.

I'll be happy to get my big ass tv back too. Life as I know it will be restored.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

There's this chick....

Hmmmm...these posted a little freaky. No clue why. I suck at computers. That's why. Anyway....there's this chick. She rocks. Yeah. You know who you are. I once saw this absolutely freaking fantastic LO. It was done on an overlay. Yes Jen. Miss jensmack. That LO rocked my world and still does. So so so freaking awesome. So I decided to use that LO as inspiration for my monthly challenge at SG. My challenge was to use anything other than pp or cs as the base of a LO. And I did mine using some delish Hambly. Not sure if I dig it. The pic makes it look a little funky (bad funky not cool to be confused). The wall behind the LO is really a way cool yellow color (took the pic in Alexander's room). ONLY place I could find decent lighting. Anyway...back to the story. I have had NO scrappy mojo (until this afternoon) when something came at me out of the blue and I felt inspired. But of course my challenge LO was already done so there was basically NO mojo happenin' when I did it. But the sudden charge of inspo??? THAT was nice. Got a LO done in like 1/2 hour this afternoon. And yo. For me that's FAST. do rock my world and I want to thank you for the inspo. I know there is much more inspo to come my way from you. In fact, you were the inspo for my latest mini book (which I'll post later). It's for the Dec SG newsletter and can't post until the newsletter comes out.

The second first I thought wow. This sucks. But the more I look at it the more I like it. It's not my 'usual' style. I mean, come on....there's no paint. But it's cool. It's edgy. And I like it. What's not to love. There's a skull and crossbones. How cool is that?! And yes, I just said my very own work is cool and edgy. It's a little funkay. Hey. I can say those things. This is MY blog. lol... And anyway..someone's gotta say it. :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I'm off to shop online and get many many things. Some my mom asked me to get for her (Christmas presents) and some Christmas presents of my own for some of the people I love. I have much Christmas shopping to do!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, it's official.

Thanksgiving is here. I just made a pumpkin pie. And later tonight I'll be sipping a hot hot hot decaf peppermint mocha my FAB hubby went and got for me. YUM. I skipped dinner JUST so I could have my mocha!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just wanted to say....

Happy birthday Alexander. Three years ago today you were born. You were born at 10:11 am so by this time you were already 12 hours old. Look at that tiny tiny baby. Look at how big you are now. The pic on the right was taken at Ethan's school Halloween party. Because I'm Ethan's class mom you got to go hang at the party. You want to go to school so badly. You want to do everything your big brother does. You got a ghost painted on your face, decorated your own cookie.....I just can't believe you are three. You are growing up way too fast. You are not a baby anymore. You are so big, so independent. SO independent. Look at you wearing 'mine' Mickey hat as you call it. So cute. You wear that hat almost every day. The hat YOU picked out at Disneyland when we went in April. I'm sad and happy that you are three. I can't wait to see what great things are in store for you in life. But I miss my 'baby'. Now you're into playing more and want less cuddle time. Or you only want to cuddle if you're tired or scared. I know it must happen. But quite honestly, I am not ready.

I want you to know how much I love you. What an important day this is to me. November 18th. What an exciting time it was for your daddy and me. It's partly my story too. Something you and I share. The day you were born.

Now I must finish my preparations for your party. We are going to celebrate you. It was such a happy day the day you were born.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Woot for me!

No...nothing scrappy to report.

But I did get on the scale this morning. I have lost 6....count them....SIX pounds since I started my adventure two weeks ago. If I can only keep it up. I was so freakin' happy when I got on the scale today and I actually LOST weight. Um....hello.............concept!!!!! All I can say is nobody better fuck with my coveted snack size M & Ms. It's the only way I can do this. And it's a damn good thing I can have Starbucks. I will forego actual food for a hot decaf mocha (maybe even a peppermint mocha) any day. Is it bad that my kids can name almost every coffee drink Starbucks makes?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yes yes yes I need to update my blog...

I know I need to update. And I will. But I just spent an enormous amount of time on a project (part of why I haven't posted for several days) and it turned out to be a complete waste of my time. Sometimes it just feels like I get nothing done. HATE that. Oh so very much. And now I somehow screwed up the camera. Unless I can get James to look at it in the morning before he goes to work I am screwed! .....sigh.... Off for a late night treat and then to bed. Did I mention it's freaking cold here??? My little hands are so cold I can barely type.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I am fucking going to outsmart Blogger if it kills me.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I did it. Take that asshole. Sorry....(I'm sayin' that in my best Denis Leary). I'm posting this mini book I did for the Nov SG newsletter. Blogger NEVER and I repeat NEVER lets me post more than 6 pics on any given day. But this time......HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. My mini book has 10 pages. So I did the last five in a second post (check it out below). And the first 5 pages right here. Blogger, I just kicked your ass. And yes, I am very proud.

I am fucking going to outsmart Blogger Part 2

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.

Well here they are. Ethan the scary ghost. And Alexander...well...NO ONE got his costume. He's Luigi people!!!!!!! Has no one ever heard of Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario and Luigi (and Luigi's Mansion)??? Sheesh. These are actual pics of them trick or treating. And dudes...Alexander looks JUST like Luigi. I'm pretty proud of that one. lol. It was super easy. James made the vacuum that's on his back. This costume rocks. And E...he got quite a few comments...not a lot of ghosts on Halloween he was excited about that. I freaking LOVE the mustache on Zan's face. What a freakin' crack up!!!! The boys had a lot of fun. Ethan was difficult at shocker there. Alexander did so well!! SO much better than last year when they were both sick and Ethan got the crap scared out of him at some guy's house. His house was all decked out with too many loud scary things for someone so young. But this year was good. Went out with Kathryn, Mike, Ash and Em and of course the four of us. It was fun. Then back to Kathryn's for dinner. Let the kids run around a while, wear off that sugar high.

The funniest part of the each house the peeps would say, and who are you (to Alexander). No one of course understanding he was Luigi. So James started making up things..oh, he's the pizza guy. Oh, he's a plumber. It just got more outrageous as we went along. Too freakin' funny. You know why he was Luigi???? When Alexander found out Ethan was going to be a ghost he said he wanted to be Luigi so he could 'suck 'em up'. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. That kid is a riot. If you've never seen the game (Luigi's Mansion)...well...then forget it. lol... But it's funny. Trust me.