Wednesday, June 16, 2010

small pieces.

be true to yourself.
say what you mean.
mean what you say.
do what you say you are going to do.
believe in things.
support the things that REALLY mean something to you.
but nothing else.
this painting is called 'small pieces'.
more of my sunset over water series.
yet another abstract.
passion is important.
i am truly passionate about art.
creating art.
looking at art.
if people cannot appreciate you for what you are, who you are, they don't need to be in your life.
each one of us is unique.
and important.
don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.
stand strong in who you are.

Friday, June 11, 2010

1 day down. 87 to go.

turbulent, heavy, hopeful.
another abstract.
when i painted this (a couple of days ago), life was feeling very turbulent.
and hopeful.
all at the same time.
sunset over the water.
it's dark.
and light.
with an edge.
all at the same time.
which is what i wanted it to be.
being thankful, and mindful of who is in my life and what we have.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

self portrait!

self portrait.
first one i've ever done.
i could never do portraits on a regular basis.
not my thing.
but every artist should have at least one self portrait.
wanted to do something different.
something completely opposite from what i've been doing.
to free my mind.
to give myself different focus for a bit.
i especially like how you can see the stud in my nose. heh.
i have art journaled for a long long time.
art journaling is giving yourself freedom to paint. whatever.
pair that with however you're feeling at the time?
lay down those feelings, all that strong emotion.
the power of words.
AND paint.
it can be powerful stuff.
i often put photographs of myself on my art journal pages.
mostly because looking at photographs of myself helps me figure out exactly what it was i was feeling at the time the photo was taken.
it helps me sort through the crap.
a self portrait??
that is a whole nother matter.
i look at this painting and i'm almost startled.
it's like....WHAM. there i am.
a big huge me on a canvas.
that is some scary shit!
i have been looking at this painting.
looking at the woman. me.
trying to figure out what this painting says.
i think it says only this.
here i am.
this is me.
THIS is who i am.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

painting i finished yesterday.

this painting, to me, is raw.
another abstract.
it's messy.
and raw.
it's almost visceral.
again, i have typed.
and typed.
and deleted.
it's almost as if what used to help me....
figuring shit out.
on my blog......
has stopped working for me.
my words no longer seem powerful.
or meaningful.
it's like i am disconnected.
still having a hard time adjusting to it just being me. and the boys.
james' death left a huge hole in our lives.
and i haven't quite figured out how to fill up all that empty space.