Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am...'s what I have to say.

I am tired.
I am tired of being tired.
I refuse to go to bed.
I found myself breaking down in tears today (and yesterday) for absolutely no f'in reason.
I'm still down about some scrapping stuff.... ~sigh~
I want my laptop to be fixed. NOW.
I need to stop eating so much crap.
I need to have more patience with my children (especially E).
I should be scrapping. But I'm not.
I know James needs to go to Austin. But I don't want him to.
I need a break from my kids. I feel bad even typing that. But it's true.

Here are three LOs I did last weekend for SG.

I love this one. Hey....maybe no one else I do. It was for a challenge. A fill in the blank challenge. It was: Every day I ______ and I whipped out this fab boquet of flowers which was SO freaking awesome to do....I LOVE to paint....and at the very bottom it says: Every day I say I will work in my art journal. Today I did.

This is little Zanzie (who will be three next month...I can't even believe that). Here he's just a few months old. This is a fully 100% lift of Emily Falconbridge. I *heart* her.

Just a really quick and fun one. The challenge was to use something that had to dry. Gee...what do you think I used???!! lol.... Could it be paint??? Um.........DOH. lol... The yellow on the LO is paint. No clue why this scanned so freaky.

Oh....and yo.....if there are still two of this exact same post...Blogger is fucking with me. It posted my entry twice ALL ON ITS OWN. I freaking swear. rolling eyes and shaking head. I tried to fix it....uh.....yeah....that didn't work. And now I'm tired of fucking with it.


JupitorMoon said...

Everyone is entitled to a break down. You can either hold it all in and go nuts, or let it all out and breathe.
You're doing awesome!
I love the painting! So inspiring! Everytime I see your LO's you bring me 2 steps closer to picking up my paintbrush again. Keep it coming sweetie!

JenSmack said...

So glad to know that you seem to enjoy the word 'fuck' as much as I do.

That being said... it's okay to feel the way that you do about EVERYTHING. the kids, the scrap, whatever... You aren't feeling anything I haven't felt... and every other women has felt at some point.

I know it's tough - but find some time just for YOU. Do something for YOURSELF. You spend so much time doing for everyone else... it's okay to take a siesta from it for a while.

BTW - your layouts are GORGEOUS. Love the flowers! Love the blue! Love the yellow and brown. You are an artist, my friend.

Hugs and Kisses sweet girl.