Sunday, July 30, 2006

I need more music in my life....

Being the mommy of two fab little boys, I find that music has taken a back seat in my life. Now it's Old McDonald in the car. And believe me. A woman can take only so much Old McDonald. I remember a time when music stirred my soul. It made me want to dance. It made me want to sing out loud. It made my emotions spill out....I miss that. Music actually still makes me want to dance, to sing out loud.....on the RARE occasions I get to listen to it anyway. It still makes my emotions spill's just that those occasions don't come often. I must fix this.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Truly amazing time!

I just spent the last four hours uninterrupted. Can you imagine??!! How awesome is that?! Scrapped with a few girlfriends....SO refreshing! Actually got something done. It's energizing!!! Totally. It's 12:30 am and I don't feel tired! I feel like I could scrap for hours. Wish I could....guess I I do have to resume mommy duty EARLY in the am!!! Yikes. lol.... Off to bed....soon.....

Grab yourself some 'me' time.....some time to create. You need it. You deserve it. Your soul craves it. It's good for you....helps you remember who you are.....

Happy Birthday BSB!!!

Today, July 25th is my brother's birthday (it's after midnight so this might show up as being posted on the 26th....but to me it's still the 25th because I am still up and haven't ended MY day)! lol..... My brother is currently climbing unclaimed peaks....yet to be bagged peaks....somewhere near Bettles, Alaska, so he will not see this. Just didn't want this day to go by unnoticed. I remembered. So...Happy Birthday BSB! I hope you are safe. Can't wait to hear from you on your sate phone....and yes...I remember your middle name....(inside joke)......

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lose yourself in a world of creativity!

Color is SO important. Color inspires me. Polkie dots inspire me. lol.... Freedom inspires me. The freedom to do whatever you want on a page. So much fun. So everything I do turns out...but it's worth it to experiment. How else do you learn? How else do you expand yourself. I've decided to give myself permission to make mistakes on my pages....that it's okay....and if I 'waste' some supplies in the process? Well.....I'll survive. I just always feel so bad when I start something and it doesn't turn out the way I had envisioned...and I end up just throwing something away. ~GASP~ things are a lost cause. But it's been a learning experience so not entirely a lost cause I suppose. lol... Go. Create. Be inspired. Lose yourself in the world of creativity. Nothing's better.

Can you say martini night?

I can! lol.... When we went camping this last weekend, James made some truly awesome lemondrop martinis. YUM. But wowza...they hit ya before you know what's happened!!! lol... Tried to be careful...didn't want a repeat of last year's Christmas party!!!!!!!!! EEKS. We had a lot of fun hangin' with a few peeps....eating good food....swimming......aaaahhhh.....summer......the only thing I hate about it is the heat. Well...two things really. The heat and allergies. Blech. Supposed to be 102 here today. Ick. Me and heat???? Uh.....not so good. lol.... I truly think I would die without our A/C.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The men in my life.

Love this picture of Ethan. He just up!!!! He's five. And starts kindergarten next month. I just can't believe it. And I absolutely love love love this pic of him. There's just something about his face.....his eyes......the little bit of sand on his nose.....

But it just sort of hit me. That he starts school NEXT month! It seriously just blows me away. I have a kid....that's.....five! It seemed like this day would never get here. Now that it's almost here I'm freaking out!!!!! lol.......

Love this pic of James too. Doing big strong 'man' stuff. lol....

And Alexander....sigh....growing up way too fast too. I'm wondering how he'll adjust after E starts kindergarten. He loves his big bro SO much. When they play together, like they did today, digging with their trucks in the back yard, can't tell you how much I love that.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Here's my news!

I have been invited to be part of the Design Team at!!! Can you believe it???!!! I sure can't. Pinch me. For the months of Aug/Sept/Nov I, along with a few other fine and talented ladies will be livin' it up at Scrapgal! The announcement in the DT Forum at ScrapGal was made yesterday. My official debut will be in the August newsletter! I have a link (on the right) to I checked out the store yesterday. They definitely have some dreamy goods. I'm just so so excited!!!!

On another some point I'll fancy up and make a banner. HA. Those of you that know me know I'm no computer whiz. I know there are instructions somewhere on how to do this..and..well...I have a smart hubby. I'm sure it's doable. Just need to find the time!

One of my fave pics of the boys!

This really is one of my fave pics of the boys. It so makes me happy when they play together. I love watching the two of them. Ethan...getting so big....growing up so fast. And Alexander.....he wants to be JUST like E. Do EVERYTHING E does. The two of them together....smiling and playing....nothing but goodness.

Pic taken at Lake Tahoe (Sand Harbor) 6.06

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Okay...well....I've done it.

I started a blog. Been thinking about it for a while now. Finally decided it was time. As time permits I will, of course, come on and mess around...change things....make it better.....make things out. I'm so totally new to this. But loving it.

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog is because, as it says, "It Matters"!! Should anyone else read single person....maybe they can take something away with them. Your life matters. You matter. Every single day that goes by is your life. Your history. Own it. Capture it. Scrap it. Remember it. It is yours.