Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.

Well here they are. Ethan the scary ghost. And Alexander...well...NO ONE got his costume. He's Luigi people!!!!!!! Has no one ever heard of Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario and Luigi (and Luigi's Mansion)??? Sheesh. These are actual pics of them trick or treating. And dudes...Alexander looks JUST like Luigi. I'm pretty proud of that one. lol. It was super easy. James made the vacuum that's on his back. This costume rocks. And E...he got quite a few comments...not a lot of ghosts on Halloween he was excited about that. I freaking LOVE the mustache on Zan's face. What a freakin' crack up!!!! The boys had a lot of fun. Ethan was difficult at shocker there. Alexander did so well!! SO much better than last year when they were both sick and Ethan got the crap scared out of him at some guy's house. His house was all decked out with too many loud scary things for someone so young. But this year was good. Went out with Kathryn, Mike, Ash and Em and of course the four of us. It was fun. Then back to Kathryn's for dinner. Let the kids run around a while, wear off that sugar high.

The funniest part of the each house the peeps would say, and who are you (to Alexander). No one of course understanding he was Luigi. So James started making up things..oh, he's the pizza guy. Oh, he's a plumber. It just got more outrageous as we went along. Too freakin' funny. You know why he was Luigi???? When Alexander found out Ethan was going to be a ghost he said he wanted to be Luigi so he could 'suck 'em up'. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. That kid is a riot. If you've never seen the game (Luigi's Mansion)...well...then forget it. lol... But it's funny. Trust me.

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JenSmack said...

I have no idea about that game... but I do know who Mario is. Your explanation of who he is TOTALLY cracked me up!! And the fact that it cracked you up.. make me crack up even more!

Love the photos! Can't wait to see the pages!!