Sunday, December 17, 2006

8 days until Christmas.

This is what we did tonight. A little family picture taking. The first pic is me and James in front of the tree in the living room. The second pic is the boys in front of the tree in the fam room. And believe me....we took hundreds of pics. Only a few of them came out. But some did. And for that I am glad. We even have some of all of us together!

Tonight I am finishhing the wrapping. Yes. I said finishing. Except for the few things that are still to be delivered. You see...we had a little crisis over the weekend. For weeks...and I mean WEEKS I have been asking E what he is going to ask for from Santa. And every day the answer was the same. A cherry picker. Same thing Alexander wants. Okay. Fine. Great. In fact, I've had two of them up in my closet for WEEKS. So what's wrong then, you ask? Well...took the boys to see Santa this weekend. And when Santa asked Ethan what he wants, his answer was NOT a cherry picker. Holy freakin crap. Did he just say, "Mario boy"?!! Yes. I am so fucking screwed. lol... SO...after we got home we got online. I mean seriously. Does anyone (aside from Ethan) even know what a Mario boy is???? So James took his best guess and found a Mario action figure online. Don'tcha just love expecited shipping? We also found a Mario Kart remote control well...kart...and for Alexander a Yoshi Kart. Again. Don'tcha just love expedited shipping? Well I do. Yeah. All except for the part of how much freaking more it costs.

But what are ya gonna do. The kid wants a Mario boy for Christmas. And I want absolutely every second my kids believe in Santa. So expedited shipping it will be.

My mom comes in five days. Her husband a week from today. My brother, his wife and their three boys the day after that. I have much to do. I even have some scrapping I must do. One more assignment and then I'm done for Dec. And I will take a break and just focus on fun.


Jupitormoon said...

I don't care what anyone says, you are THE coolest mom ever!

Stephanie said...

Don't you just love the Holidays! I am thankful that my kids are still leary of Santa. Right now the biggest thing I have to worry about is keeping them out of the wrapping paper. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo! Your house looks stunning!

BTW..I hope that you don't mind that I hijacked your blog.


JenSmack said...

Yeah... Mackie has all of a sudden asked for a Pixter. I asked her if she was going to be disappointed if she didn't get it. Um... Santa didn't know that she wanted a Pixter until YESTERDAY.

You're way ahead of me though... I haven't wrapped a THING!

(I'm supposed to be doing that now)

JenSmack said...

Oh - and I love those photos!!