Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just got back from sledding.

James and Alexander are sleeping. Ethan is hanging with me. I should be cleaning. Undecorating the trees. Yeah. Um. Here I go. Ha. I'm feeling unmotivated.

I'm also hoping that my disapointments end with the close of 2006. Good things can (and should) happen. Right? I know you need to believe in yourself. Even if no one else does. I will try.

I guess if I'm going to undecorate the trees why bother cleaning first. Right? Right. Glad you agree. Now I have a valid excuse for not cleaning my house.

At least dinner is already made. Not so sure I want to weigh in on Wednesday. Will anyway. But I don't think I will have lost any more. Oh I know. I'll get my hair cut before Wed. That should do it. Those 2 ounces will make all the difference in the world. Who cares how it happens, I just want that scale to show some results.

Had enough of my nonsensical thinking? It's scary how my mind works. Seriously.

I really want some onion dip made with fat free sour cream (with carrots and celery to dip into it). I so need to buy groceries. Are grocery stores closing early tomorrow? Probably so. Guess if I want food I better go early. I'm hungry right now. And trying to not eat. Guess I should get up and do something to keep myself busy. I'm going. This time I really am.

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JenSmack said...

For some reason - the way you think seems perfectly normal to me.

Should I be worried... or should YOU?