Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just wanted to say....

Happy birthday Alexander. Three years ago today you were born. You were born at 10:11 am so by this time you were already 12 hours old. Look at that tiny tiny baby. Look at how big you are now. The pic on the right was taken at Ethan's school Halloween party. Because I'm Ethan's class mom you got to go hang at the party. You want to go to school so badly. You want to do everything your big brother does. You got a ghost painted on your face, decorated your own cookie.....I just can't believe you are three. You are growing up way too fast. You are not a baby anymore. You are so big, so independent. SO independent. Look at you wearing 'mine' Mickey hat as you call it. So cute. You wear that hat almost every day. The hat YOU picked out at Disneyland when we went in April. I'm sad and happy that you are three. I can't wait to see what great things are in store for you in life. But I miss my 'baby'. Now you're into playing more and want less cuddle time. Or you only want to cuddle if you're tired or scared. I know it must happen. But quite honestly, I am not ready.

I want you to know how much I love you. What an important day this is to me. November 18th. What an exciting time it was for your daddy and me. It's partly my story too. Something you and I share. The day you were born.

Now I must finish my preparations for your party. We are going to celebrate you. It was such a happy day the day you were born.


Jupitormoon said...

Happy Birthday Alexander!
(Don't you wish they could be that small again?)

Stephanie said...

Hey Alexander and I are almost birthday twins. LOL! Hope it was a blast!

JenSmack said...

Happy Birthday little Alexander! I hope your birthday was loads of fun!

Happy Birthday to you too, Mommy! It's definitely a special day for YOU!