Thursday, September 27, 2007

in the mood to create but not creating anything.

did this page on sunday. nothing since. and i only did it because i had to. look here. scroll down four posts. not that i didn't want to. i did. i'm just having a hard time scrapping. i'm more in the mood for an art journal page. so that's what i did.
i'm in the mood for paint. and a mess. that's a good combo becasue when i paint everything is a mess! maybe i'll work on a page tonight. maybe not. i might watch grey's instead.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

too tired to scrap.

my mom was more than generous for my birthday. she basically got me set up in the loft. two shelving unites from target, two tables (one from target and one from world market), two chairs (both from world market). i now have space to scrap. and space to store my stuff. and it doesn't look like crap. i'm beyond excited. i have an awesome lamp (bright as a freaking runway baby) but really am feeling too tired to scrap. i will make and send a card to my mom. and i'll send her a pic of the final product (though not sure when it will be done). need a couple extra things...not big things...but i want some things for the wall. i love the black furniture with the blue wall. yum. i love my big chair. i'm not so sure james loves me taking over the loft.....he says he doesn't mind....but i think he might.

i'm going to go watch more of season 3 of grey's. then i'm going to bed early. i am wiped! i'm sure it has something to do with the busy weekend and all the peeps in our house.

i'm sort of wanting to scrap....i mean come on....look at my space. oh. wait. i haven't posted any pics. i will. when it's all done. but i really am too tired. but i have some good ideas and i'm sure by the next time i scrap i will have forgotten each and every one of them!

Friday, September 21, 2007

my mom is coming tomorrow.

so why am i sitting down and not cleaning? well....i did just clean the boys' bathroom and the 1/2 bath downstairs. and dusted the stair railing. and started dinner. and cut and arranged two large bouquets and two really small ones for my mom's arrival. and got her gifts together and wrapped. i give her a little something every night she is here. it's not much. and she's only here for two nights. but it's fun to do. i need to dust the family room. and vacuum upstairs and down. i cleaned the stove and the front of the stainless fridge.

need to pick up E soon. soccer practice today and a game tomorrow.

i haven't really felt like blogging since we got back from dworld (which btw james was the most perfect best trip ever). i'm still hugely depressed at being back. and no. i'm not kidding.

feeling unsettled. seriously unsettled. i've got that jittery.....something bad is happening kind of feeling. too many things going on. and none of them good.

now i need to go clean more. oh. and prepare food for the maybe non-existent birthday party for my nephew kyler tomorrow. need to get it all done today since we have a soccer game in the am and then my mom comes two hours later.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

happy birthday to me.

well....almost. saturday is the day.

woot! what more can i say. very much looking forward to our trip. james needs it. he needs to be away from work for a while. the boys are beyond excited. and i am too. it will be lots and lots of fun.

now on to a little scrappy i did today. lots of machine stitching all over the hambly goodness (click to make the LO bigger so you can actually see it). little masking tape, some HS alpha stickers, some paint.....what more could you ask for?! and now i'm off the puter. i must pack ya know.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

a little scrappy love.

having some fun with love, elsie. didn't think i would, but i actually like her fabric paper. i think the title pretty much speaks for itself.
back from camping.
now the week starts.
hopefully this week won't be as strange as last week!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

six more days until my birthday surprise.

six. that's not many. and i'm glad.

if you're looking for some inspiration i have just the place for you. click here. this is the new inspiration blog which has been started by the design team at scrapgal. dina, the DT coordinator, and all the girls on the DT are awesome and so creative. go check it out! scrapgal has the friendliest forum and the best service. it's a great place!

i posted a little project on the blog. there will be random RAKs given throughout the weekend on the blog so check it out! the blog will be updated every M, W and F with new inspo!