Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump me's Wednesday.

Had a good day...though not productive. Took E to school then Alexander and I went to Mervyn's. Looking for the rest of E's school/winter clothes. Found.....NOTHING. A big fat ZERO. Nada. Zip. Zipola. You get the idea. Tomorrow perhaps we'll find our way to Kohl's. Don't really like shopping though. Did finish going through the boxes so I know exactly what Alexander has. I need five more pairs of pants for E...that should do it. Though...if I find something absolutely outrageous I might just have to get that too. My fave of his pants are his camo pants. LOVE those. When he wears 'em he just up! So different from the little boy who ran around here all summer.

Did really enjoy spending some one-on-one time with Alexander today. He's talking up a storm...I mean he's been talking for a long time now. But he's using really long sentences and we have actual conversations. It's the best. He's soooo freaking adorable. And yes..he's of course I would say that....but really...honestly...he is. The most adorable loving sweet little boy on the planet. I can say that because E isn't little anymore. lol... He's big. Oh...and don't get me wrong. Of course Alexander can be difficult...he actually has been on and off for the last couple of days....but even so...he's still the cutest little boy on the planet!

Ever wish your day could end differently...and just feel like you have no control over how it plays out? I reallly wish I could take the stress away from James.....make him happy.....not feel like he just spent his entire day at work and then came home to feel like he has loads more work to do. He's currently upstairs cleaning out the fish tank. Um....I don't really think he's having fun.

Talked to E's teacher really quick today when I picked him up. She said he's doing beautifully. Thank god. lol.... I told him I'm proud of him. He got a star. He also got a new little Lightening McQueen car. He sleeps with it. He can be the most adorable boy ever.

Had something else to say...but sheesh...who can remember what. I should be helping with the fish tank I guess....blech....hate those fish...said the animal lover.....but fish really aren't animals, now are they?! lol.... I'll never forget...shoot...what's her name.....Oh. Raylene. She gave those fish to long ago. Yeah...uh...thanks. A lot. Barf.

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Sarah said...

Yeah, I'd have to give a "no" on the fish tank cleaning too. Fo sho.