Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two recent LOs.

The top one is Alexander. He's just a couple of months old there. Some fab 7 Gs pp, some delish Hambly, paint, masking tape, staples...

The second is also Alexander and it was fun to do. I sanded the hell out of the pic (to make Alexander pop) and to blend the background. Put some Gin-X expressions right on the pic and then sanded them almost all the way off. I like the affect. More 7 Gs pp. A vintage button, masking tape, acrylic gel medium, ink and of course...paint. Ha. These were two of my LOs for SG for Dec. I seem to be on a masking tape craze of late.

Tonight you will find me by the fire, wrapping presents. Also scrapping. I started a page earlier today while my sick boys were sleeping. It felt good to sit at my desk. To focus on something I enjoy (even it it was only for 10 minutes). I vow to use no masking tape on this LO.

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