Friday, September 29, 2006

Hair cut...finally!

Got my hair cut this morning after I dropped E off at school. Took Alexander. He was SO good. He played with blocks, colored...played with his crane. What a good little boy he was!!! I feel so much better now. My hair was way too long! Now it's choppie (a little flippy) and right above my shoulders. Much better.

Bought some new bras (and matching undies). Um....yeah. That's how exciting my life is. But I do feel better when I wear something ( know...something my grandma WOULDN'T wear) under my shorts and tee's.

Haven't scrapped in four days!!!! Yikes. I should. I will.

Loving E's excitement about school and hearing all about his day when I pick him up. Loving spending more one-on-one time with Alexander. Hardest part of second kid...if you ask me....finding the time for that one-on-one. So I'm soaking up every minute of this time...when E is in kindergarten and gone for the morning...and Alexander and I can just do things together. Then I look forward to picking E up...hearing about everything that happened at school...

Soccer practice later aka I take Alexander to the park and James watches soccer practice. lol... Alexander and his love of the park. Oh, and that kid is going to have the longest blonde locks ever. He refused a hair cut today when we were at the salon. lol.... That's okay...I secretly like it.

P.S. Mini albums are addicting. That's my new thing. My fave things are the file folder mini album I did and the one I just did for the Oct SG newsletter.

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