Wednesday, July 27, 2011

four months.

searching for that softer side that goes away all too often.
trying to remember to bring that out.
to let go of what restrains me from being that person.
a break from the boys was much needed.
a trip to boston helped me see myself from a different perspective.
that was much needed as well.
i know it's been four months since i posted.
i've come here, and written.
but then either deleted or saved and never posted.
i was tired of hearing what i had to say.
it was always the same and never what i thought it *should* be.
i am, by far, my harshest critic.
getting ready for an art show this weekend.
wrestling with that and all that goes with it.
am i good enough, etc.
time will tell.

while in boston i ran the freedom run (a 5k).
not a hard core run, but a run just the same.
i almost didn't do it.
but am glad i did.
i would have been angry at myself for backing out.
this photo was taken after the run, after the ferry ride back, inside the hotel while waiting for the elevator.
what. you expected me to take the stairs? i had just run. ;-) unedited and taken with my iPhone.