Saturday, November 25, 2006

There's this chick....

Hmmmm...these posted a little freaky. No clue why. I suck at computers. That's why. Anyway....there's this chick. She rocks. Yeah. You know who you are. I once saw this absolutely freaking fantastic LO. It was done on an overlay. Yes Jen. Miss jensmack. That LO rocked my world and still does. So so so freaking awesome. So I decided to use that LO as inspiration for my monthly challenge at SG. My challenge was to use anything other than pp or cs as the base of a LO. And I did mine using some delish Hambly. Not sure if I dig it. The pic makes it look a little funky (bad funky not cool to be confused). The wall behind the LO is really a way cool yellow color (took the pic in Alexander's room). ONLY place I could find decent lighting. Anyway...back to the story. I have had NO scrappy mojo (until this afternoon) when something came at me out of the blue and I felt inspired. But of course my challenge LO was already done so there was basically NO mojo happenin' when I did it. But the sudden charge of inspo??? THAT was nice. Got a LO done in like 1/2 hour this afternoon. And yo. For me that's FAST. do rock my world and I want to thank you for the inspo. I know there is much more inspo to come my way from you. In fact, you were the inspo for my latest mini book (which I'll post later). It's for the Dec SG newsletter and can't post until the newsletter comes out.

The second first I thought wow. This sucks. But the more I look at it the more I like it. It's not my 'usual' style. I mean, come on....there's no paint. But it's cool. It's edgy. And I like it. What's not to love. There's a skull and crossbones. How cool is that?! And yes, I just said my very own work is cool and edgy. It's a little funkay. Hey. I can say those things. This is MY blog. lol... And anyway..someone's gotta say it. :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I'm off to shop online and get many many things. Some my mom asked me to get for her (Christmas presents) and some Christmas presents of my own for some of the people I love. I have much Christmas shopping to do!!!


Stephanie said...

Love the scrappage! You rock~

JenSmack said...

muah - muah - muah!

Is kissing the computer screen wrong? (it didn't even buy me a drink! yet.)

You're so sweet! And I think the layouts are absolutely AWESOME! Love the circle one - the way you did the art on the inside - so cool and artsy AND edgy! And I sooo love the skull and crossbones - that just ROCKS!

YOU inspire me, girlie! Big time! (I bought a hambly overlay - the flower one - whose name has just freakin escaped my mind... grrr... anyway, I got it just because of one of YOUR layouts that I'm going to totally and completely lift!)

So there.

You ROCK. (even without paint)

jupitormoon said...

Dude those are some awesome layouts!