Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The other night at dinner, we were having salmon...out of the blue Ethan asks, "Do the salmon have to be dead.." then he saw the look on my face and stopped talking. So...yes, we had the fish has to be dead before we eat it conversation. I knew we would have this conversation one day....just really wasn't fully prepared for it. We still have a bigger one coming. You see, I don't eat red meat. So the boys don't either. And I've been saying when E is old enough and can understand what really happens...that he can decide for himself. So...uh...guess that time is near. That is really not a conversation I want to have. But I will.

Things are really changing around here. We're finally getting into a good morning groove to get E to school. Just requires that I get up earlier....BLECH I just start everything earlier so we aren't rushed. When we're all ready I take the boys to school and they play on the playground until the bell. When the bell rings, Alexander knows it's time to go. And we haven't even had to to the park....which we did every day for the first two weeks....omg.....that was too much time at the park......so it's all good now! Alexander seems to be adjusting to having Ethan gone and they play together nicely at least until it's time for Alexander's rest. Yay for me. lol...

Also had another kind of sad conversation with Ethan last night. When I tucked him in he told me he doesn't think Christian likes him anymore. This is the little friend he's had for the last couple of years. They play together...at our house...at his house....they proclaimed themselves to be best friends. And then school started. lol... They are in the same class but find themselves spending time with different friends. So E was upset and thought Christian didn't like him anymore. I explained to him that like him, Christian has just discovered new friends...that he and Christian are still friends...but it was sad. I don't like for my kids to feel sad..in any way...and yes, I know there is much more to come Ethan's way....but wow.

So anyway....we're off to go to Christian's birthday party/pizza thing. Yes...Ethan and Christian are still friends.....I just wonder what new and interesting things Ethan will do or say tomorrow!

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