Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a painting. finally.

painted this today. jammed to tunes. consumed caffeine. lots of it. and painted. ultramarine blue is one of my fave colors. ever. ultramarine blue with purple...and violet..and some white flowers.....finally i was able to paint something. this piece is in my etsy shop here.

cannot stop listening to music. if i am awake music is jammin wherever i am. in the loft. in my car. wherever. no silence. silence leads to too much thinking. and i am always thinking. always. and sometimes i just don't want to.
missing james very much.
feeling disconnected.
feeling restless.
but whatever i feel...i feel it deeply. whether it's sadness, happiness.....whatever it is.
that's just my personality.
someone made a comment to me the other day...oh...artists..they are so tempermental. um. yeah. it's true. at least for me. that's when i get 'the look'. you know...the one that says without actually saying the words....dude....are you insane?! but if i am not feelin' it, i can't paint worth a crap. if i am not inspired in some way. for the last week i have not been feelin' it. painted four different pieces (all of which are still unfinished). and then today...and i have no clue how it happened...i painted..and it just happened. so maybe i am crazy...i don't know...but at least i was able to paint.


Leah said...

a beautiful painting! you are so f...king talented...who cares if you are a little crazy...aren't we all in our own way!
love you!

Rachael said...

Wow, this is really gorgeous!!! I'm not a big blue lover, but this is just awesome!!!

I'm with Leah, we love crazy and are all crazy!!

Misty said...

We are all crazy. At least your crazy comes out in something beautiful. Mine just makes a mess.

I love it. Seriously LOVE it. I think ultramarine blue is my new favorite color.

The assholes that swiped my cd player also got my fav Jack Johnson cd. :(

Patrice~ said...

intense colors.

like that.
just like that.

Lisa said...

Okay what I WANT to say to those people who say you are crazy because you have to feel to paint?

Wait I can't say it.

My mom would wash my mouth with soap.

I could waive a certain finger...but I have no photo linkage capability on your posts.

So I will just quote the inimitable Rolling Stones

"Hey! YOU! Get off of my cloud"