Wednesday, January 21, 2009

from bodega we went to san francisco.

self-portrait while driving. i am so fucking glad i didn't drop my camera.
the boys and i walked across the golden gate bridge. it's something i wanted us to do. i hope E remembers it when he's older. it was pretty flippin' cool. cooler than i thought it would be. this is the view of the city from the middle of the bridge.
i dig this shot.
alexander was a little bit scared. the dude is 5. i held him...carried him...and we walked. it was pretty freakin' windy up there. like holy crap.
pretty flippin' awesome.

zan got cold so i gave him my jacket. i can't believe how fucking adorable that kid is.
me and E before we started walking across the bridge.
just happened across lombard street while driving through the city. so we went down it.
then we went to fisherman's wharf. and got crab. i dig the shot of the sign. why do i so dig taking photos while i drive? james told me this story once. we went to SF together (about a week into our relationship). spent some time at the wharf. eating pretzels, watching the sea lions, just walking around. he told me it was here, in SF, at the wharf, standing behind me, with his arms around me, that he knew that he was in love with me. and i am so glad he told me that.
driving over the bridge. yup. another photo i took while driving.
leaving SF on our way to berkeley. this is the bay bridge. i dig a b & w photo.
this is the bay bridge right before we turned and got onto it.
i love taking random photos in the various places i go. i think it really captures the feel...the moment. this was at the wharf where all the ferry boats leave. right by the sea lions.
me, ethan and alexander on the golden gate.
it was a good trip. but fucking-a do i feel like crap when i get home. because it just feels so good to be away. today has sucked. i have had an extremely difficult time concentrating. i feel anxiety i think...hard to explain. i feel unsettled. yes. that's the word i'm looking for. and i need to figure out how to get over it and focus. i also should stop slamming red bull. i did enjoy some red bull and vodka at a friend's house on sun night. and then some rum and guava juice. yummy. thanks pamela.


Misty said...

Gosh, I LOVE San Fran. Your pictures made me feel like I was there too. Your story is beautiful.

~Amie~ said...

I seriously dig your photos Kimberly! Someday I want to go walk the SF bridge too

Sherine said...

Awesome photos. We need to get you a chauffeur!

Marieke said...

Hee hee, more pics. Taking pics while driving, I don't know how you do it. I tried to on our way back last week but I wasn't very succesful. My camera must be too heavy or something.

Patrice~ said...

you have the best shaped head for that short and sassy 'do!

I know.

Leah said...

I am totally lovin' your SF pics!
the bridge is scary...I always freaked out whenever someone would want to walk across it when they were visiting!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures
I don't know if I could walk the GG bridge
I'd probably vomit from the heights
So in my book you are one brave woman
On a whole LOY of levels

Michelle said...

Love those photos I bet you could rock and awesome painted version! Glad you guys got a way for a little while.