Sunday, January 25, 2009

why in the fuck won't this photo post right side up??

i am wreckless. at times.
decisions are made on instinct. without over-thinking.
most of the time anyway.
sometimes to my detriment.
sometimes not.
can't stop myself.
never have been able to.
and i don't want to.
things need to be said.
and done.
life is too short. that much i have learned.
sometimes it's hard, but just say what you mean.
say what you want. in that split second of hesitation..make the decision. and do it.
still consuming large amounts of caffeine.
still jamming to tunes. non-stop.
not sleeping.
taking each day as it comes.


Carrie K said...

saying and doing

rock on girly

love you!!

Lisa said...

Well I think the photo looks very artsy the way you posted it

Usually when that happens to me is because I've forgotten to rotate it in my photo processing program.

Glad you're still jammin and speakin your mind


Patrice~ said...

what's up with blogger, anyways??

with you here.
like my band-aid analogy:
just rip it off, don't gently pull.

and I'm not really into the 'let's wait and see' theory, either.

do it.
say it.
move on.

scoot over.
I hate winter too.

Misty said...

I like it crooked.