Thursday, January 15, 2009

some things i love.

i freaking love email. i cannot get enough.
and caffeine. duh.
and many other things that are bad for me. which i won't go into here.
i like doing things i know i shouldn't be doing...and not really caring...and then just doing them anyway.
i freaking love when my children behave at the post office (when i'm mailing out etsy stuff).
and i freaking love when they call each other bro. it's so effing cute. and i can see their bond.
i think i have been up until 3am for the last 21 days in a row. and i've been getting up at 6:30am (alexander doesn't understand the concept of sleep). or leave mommy alone and just let HER sleep. ha! i wish i could do that. but i can't.
thank you to everyone who has recently placed an order out of my etsy shop. you are rocking my world. and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.
still jamming to tunes non-stop.
out of red bull. and that is a fucking bummer.
working on a couple of paintings but they are not done yet.
probably won't get to paint again until next week.
finding that i can breathe and focus....calm myself, while listening to loud music. which is weird. but it works for me. for now anyway.
lost 6 lbs.
the caffeine, sugar no sleep diet (though unintentional) kicks ass.

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Marieke said...

K, I am watching you on this temptestuous path of self destruction and just as you are beginning to worry me a little I see a post like this. You talking about your boys. Observing normalcy. Regardless of the crap you are putting your body through. You'll get there. Out the other end of that dark tunnel. Baby steps girlfriend, baby steps. Oh and I owe you an email.