Monday, January 19, 2009

bodega bay in photos.

alexander. salmon beach. the kid loves the waves. playing. running. he had so much fun. it makes me happy that he loves the ocean. look at the smile on his face. i love how kids live so in the moment. and i fucking wish i could do it all the time.

alexander. he loves collecting shells. and giving them ALL to me.

i dig taking photos while i drive.

i freaking need this ride. sweet.

me and alexander.
salmon beach.

me and E man.
salmon beach.

goat rock beach.

E at salmon beach.

love driving down highway one.
it is so fucking beautiful.

we spent as much time as we could at the beach. the weather was perfect.
it was amazing.
see post below for details.


Violet said...

Oh beachy prettiness. *sigh* There is NOTHING like the ocean. I'm so glad that you guys had a good time. :]

I was reading your blog backlog and I just thought that I should quote you...

"Your life matters. You matter. Every single day that goes by is your life. Your history. Own it. Capture it. Scrap it. Remember it. It is yours."


karlynn said...

LOVE the beach too!! WONDERFUL photos!!! AWESOME!! Love your blog :)

~Amie~ said...

oh wow, what a beautiful place! lovely photos kimberly, glad you enjoyed the trip

Marieke said...

Hey! I think you DO live in the moment. You take off. Follow your calling. With your boys. You're doing it K!

Patrice~ said...

It's like I can hear
the sounds of the waves
hitting the sandy beach
as I enjoy your pictures.
I love running and playing
on wet, sandy beaches, don't you?
Your boys look great.
And so do you.
Rock ON, girlfriend.

Leah said...

looks like fun!
glad you guys had a good time!