Thursday, May 31, 2007

scrap the crap and move on.

the pages that i create all depend on my mood. how i'm feeling. what i feel like using. some days i create nothing but crap (like today). others? a LO just flows out. damn it i wish i knew the secret to making it just flow every time i sat down. yes. i've been trying to scrap a page for two days. and it ain't happening. so i set it aside. the last few LOs i've done have had no paint. that's fine. i can do no paint. sometimes i really love not using paint. but i'm starting to feel like i need to paint. it's like that little whatever it is inside my soul is screaming at me to let it free. i seem to go through cycles. a lot of paint. then i back off for a while. but i'm starting to feel drawn to the paint yet again. it's almost as if it is whispering in my ear. taunting me. maybe that's what my problem is. my being is shouting at me to paint and i am ignoring it. maybe i deserve the crappy LO i made today. lol...

i really think my pages are 100% influenced by how i'm feeling on any given day. it's because of this that i don't really think i have a 100% (or even 90%) recognizable style. i'm okay with that. i think. because i'm all about just letting it out. seeing what happens.

i feel jumbled inside. i think that is part of my problem yesterday. and today. i'm not seeing anything clearly. i'm going to try to clear my mind. and go and sit. and scrap. a masterpiece. ha. lol... maybe not a masterpiece. but something i like. at least a little.

you know what i say. scrap the crap. get it out. then let it flow and create something i love. now lets see if i can do it. i'm half way there already having scrapped the crap today.


Rachael said...

did you do it? Did you finish it?

I'm sure it looks fabulous, I always admire your work!

Sherine said...

Love your title! LOL I think everyone gets in a funk. And I do believe that our emotions affect our art! Your LO's are always so fab!