Friday, May 11, 2007

is it friday? already?

spent monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday at the hospital. thought my dad would be released on wednesday but it didn' thappen. he's good and is now back at home. i spent a lot of time with him. james came home from work early to take care of the boys. two little small confined hospital room...uh...yeah. not happening. so today it's back to normal. which is nice. i will, however, call tomorrow to check on my dad and see how he's doing.

he's in the middle of building a house (doing much of the work himself). he's not supposed to do anything strenuous for 5-7 days, preferably two weeks. humpf. they apparently do not know my father. i am quite certain he's out doing something he shouldn't as i type this.

i think once E gets out of school for the summer we will take a day or two and go and see him.


Stacy Cartwright said...

Sorry to hear about your dad hope everything is much better now.

Sherine said...

Sounds like there was some healing! Good to know that he is going home to rest...hopefully!

jenscaleshr said...

Hope your Dad recovers quickly... they're so stubborn, aren't they?

I hope you have a wonderful day today!

Shandy said...

how are things going for you and family over there??? was dad out and about before he should be? like you suspected?
sounds like you've had quite the week!

I'm thinking of you!