Friday, May 25, 2007

happy anniversary to me.

in two hours anyway. won't be on to post tomorrow. going camping. without james. boys will have fun with kathryn, mike, ash, em, nana, poppa, bill, barbara, zach, kaylee and kruger.

james did call today. two times. good to hear from know he's safe. they did a lot of flying. hope to hear from him in the am before they take off.

so yeah. my anniversary is the 26th. it's interesting this year....not even being with james. he says he's having a good trip. that's good.

off to get the boys to bed. it's late. got my hair cut today. met shelley and jacob and rode bikes and scooters for a while. then we all went out for dinner. just got the boys out of the bath. they need sleep. and so do i. but i must pack the truck. still have things to do!


Sherine said...

Glad to hear you are going camping. Have a good time and try to relax a bit...will ya? How many years have you been married? I think you were a very considerate wife to let him go and sow his oats so to speak. We all need that personal time and it's so hard to get. Have a great week! Be safe!

jenscaleshr said...

Happy Anniversary, sweetie. I know that when your husband gets back, you'll celebrate your anniversary in your own special way.

Enjoy camping!

Rachael said...

Happy Anniversary! How many years are you celebrating?

Glad to hear James is having a good trip.

Have fun camping! Can't wait to see some pics!