Monday, May 21, 2007

james is going to alaska.

he leaves on thursday.
i told him to go. he wants to go. he IS going.
lets just where to land if necessary.....well over 20 hours of flying time.....minimum of 4 days gone. more likely at least 5. maybe a week. one day to fly commercial there. one day to break in the new engine....then fly home. three days of straight flying.
so. the boys will be little shits while daddy is gone. what. my kids? really? nooooooo. um...yes. lol... they don't like it when james is out of town. they don't even know yet that he's leaving. not only that, he's driving to CA to pick up barry the night before. so they won't see him that night either. or the morning before he leaves. he leaves early. oh well. can't change it.
happens to be my anniversary weekend. one i will celebrate by myself. which is really okay. maybe this trip will be good for james. i hope.
mike said he'll be a surrogate dad to the boys while james is gone. lol... kathryn and mike still want me and the boys to come camping (even though james won't be there). just not sure i have the energy to plan it, pack it all up and actually go.
i need to take a breath. then i need to figure out which of the billion things i need to do i should do first.
i'm about to go on a serious get rid of crap binge. i can't take it anymore! too much stuff just sitting around with no place to go.
need to get some bins for the boys' winter clothes.
need to get the rest of E's summer clothes.
need to get some clothes for me. the four things that i have that fit...gets old wearing the same thing almost every day! i'm tired of big baggy clothes that just don't fit anymore!!!
need to get my car fixed. like bad bad. i'm afraid to drive it too far from home (like any further that E's school or i hate walmart) that means no clothes shopping for me until my car is fixed. seriously. it's been getting worse. it's been going on for over two months! time to get it fixed!
guess i'll be driving the truck while james is gone.
i'm feeling overwhelmed. and not just a little. A LOT.
and i'm tired.
instead of scrapping yesterday i spent the day outside shoveling 2 inch rock. we put a riverbed in front of the grass. it looks good. but we still have much to do in the front. much repair from the creatures.
and james needs to set the sprinklers on automatic again before he leaves. i'm too retarded to figure out how to program them.
did i mention i'm tired? and overwhelmed? lol... yes. i think i did.
now i'm getting off the computer and i'm going to check one thing off my too-long to do list. and i'll do it with a child literally attached to my leg! lol.. alexander is tired today. long busy weekend. when he's tired he's clingy. i love it if i'm just sitting and cuddling with him. but if i'm trying to get stuff done...??? um...makes it just a bit harder. lol... hopefully the little man will have a good long nap today!
maybe i can make E lay down too...maybe i can take a nap. shhh. don't tell anyone. ;)


Sherine said...

Wow, after reading your entry I am tried too! James' trip sounds wonderful. I know it will be hard to have him gone, but sometimes we all need to hit the reset button. Maybe you could get a friend or sitter to watch the boys so you could get some alone time too. Purging is so good. Makes me feel in control. Hugs!

jenscaleshr said...

Alaska? Wowza. That sounds so far away... but I guess it's not when you're on that coast.

It's tough being at home with the kids and without the help and support that we're used to... or that person we can say, "Hey - can you occupy them for a second - I just need to go to the bathroom."

I know you'll get through it. One day at a time.

Oh - and I'll take that margarita/martini/drink you offered. I bet after that week, you're gonna need it.

Lisa said...

Wow sound like you need a serious vacay, girl's week-end, break! I know it doesn't seem like it now, but it will get easier as they get older. And hey bonus....brain damage from lack of sleep when they're young takes care of the most unpleasant memories of that time. Hang in there...I'm thinking of you!

Maggie said...

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Rachael said...

Wow! I hope James has a safe trip. I hope you are able to get a little you time in when he gets back.

Happy Anniversary!

Hang in there, girl!

Kiki said...

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