Monday, May 14, 2007

home movies, huh?

nope. i got none. none of me as a child anyway. barely even have any pics of me as a child. you see, when my parents split (it wasn't pretty) mom went a bit off the deep end. it was at that time she kicked me out (and because i look like my dad no less) was shortly after this that she burned all our family pics. i am still to this day very sad about that. obviously photographs are a very important part of my life. one of the reasons i take so many i'm sure. i want my boys to have a history they can see, not just hear about. to another story. we of course have taken many many digi clips of the boys. one day i am certain james will gather them and put them all onto one dvd (or whatever).....i always said (actually up until this year) on E's birthday i wanted to sit and watch all the video clips we have. take a trip down memory lane. we never seem to do it. why is that?

now....i leave you with this. once upon a time james asked kimberly to marry him. kimberly said yes. plans were made. it was important to kimberly to have her wedding video taped. here's the best part. are ya ready? the videographer............TURNED OFF THE VIDEO CAMERA. kimberly has NO wedding video. kimberly was very pissed. lol... yeah..haha...i can laugh now. seriously makes me sad. would have loved to watch our wedding. would have loved for our boys to one day see it. oh well, huh?! what can ya do?!

sheesh...i'm fully of happiness tonight. NOT! lol...sorry!


Yvette said...

(((HUGS))) to you Kimberly. I can totally understand your feelings of no wedding video, I too would be devastated!

Patrice~ said...

Yep. Laughing now is good, but what a dork of a videographer!!

Lisa said...

I would have tied that dorky videographer down and made him watch endless looping reels of "Barney"

That's a fitting punishment...ya think?!

Stephanie said...

Good day or bad you still rock!

jenscaleshr said...

I say that Kimberly needs to do a reenactment of that day.