Monday, May 28, 2007

and we're all back.

james is back. and safe.
barry is back. and safe.
they had an eventful trip. a very good trip.
lots of bad weather, skinny and scary yet exhilerating canyons, torrential downpours, a grass landing strip in the middle of nowhere, many unexpected events and much much more. through it all james kept in good contact. he walked five miles to find a phone one day because he didn't have cell coverage and didn't want me to worry. he even made it home a day earlier than expected. good thing it doesn't get dark in alaska right now. that way they could literally fly until 10:30 at night.

james surprised me and came up the campsite on sunday night. he got there at 11pm. he wasn't supposed to get home until monday (assuming all went well). he had been going since 5am that morning. he wanted to see his family. funny thing though....the boys had literally passed out (they were exhausted) and try as hard as he might, james could not wake the boys up for anything that night!! lol..... but they got to see his face first thing this morning and that made them very happy.

keeping the boys busy was a major help while james was away. they had fun camping, riding their bikes (though E took the biggest fall he's ever taken and has a huge scrape on his belly) and their scooters. i am the only sahm in the group. sometimes i feel a little out of place. i really have nothing to contribute....nothing to talk about...unless you want to hear about my boys sick i am of vacuuming...and seriously...NO ONE wants to hear about exciting business trips to talk about (barbara just got back from hong kong). you sometimes it's hard and i feel isolated and a little lonely even though i'm with a big group of people. ~sigh~ overall it was a good weekend. the boys loved swimming. now we are all home. and together. it's almost time for the boys to go to bed. and for us to sleep in our big comfy bed (with fresh sheets) woot!

hope you had a good memorial day weekend. i will say it was very strange to not be with james on our anniversary. thought about him a lot on saturday. just made me appreciate him that much more.


Sherine said...

Glad to hear everyone made it home safely. Don't be so hard on yourself for being a SAHM. It's the best, most rewarding, and completely and totally most important job ever! IMHO

Lisa said...

Girl. It makes my heart sad and mad to think that you think you don't have anything to offer to a conversation because you are a SAHM. First off being a SAHM is a rockin hard but totally cool gig. But if you don't want to go that route for conversation starters, then how are an insanely talented artist. YES artist. Okay, you can leave off the insane part, that's my editorial comment and they might think you are bragging, but they can call me on my cellie if they need independent confirmation.

And I'm glad your family unit is all home and tight and safe.

Rachael said...

Glad everyone is home safe and sound! I love how James surprised you at the campground!

I agree with Sherine on the SAHM thing!