Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 weird things.

only 7?

1. i like grape tomatoes but they must be sliced in half before i will eat them. i don't like the pop. it's something about the thick skin and the pop. i just don't like it. but i love them when they are sliced.

2. i only drink coffee when i can sit down and enjoy it. i don't like to be rushed or disturbed...coughETHANandALEXANDERcough...when i drink coffee. i think that is why i rarely make it at home. when i go to starbucks, i've usually just taken E to school and it's easier to not be disturbed by one than by two.

3. i don't like to sleep with socks on though i did almost this entire winter. i froze my ass off all winter. could NOT get warm enough. it was bizarre.

4. i have had the same book sitting on my nightstand for well over two years and have yet to finish it. i probably never will. guess it's not that good of a book.

5. the cupboards must be closed in my kitchen. unless you are getting a plate, glass or putting something away....close the freakin' cupboard. ask james. he'll tell you. i hate it when they are left open.

6. i sleep better when callie and oliver are in the bedroom with us. it's like a little ritual. they follow me around all day (when i am home). they lay on the floor under or near my desk at night when i scrap. or they hang with me in the fam room when i watch tv or a movie. when i'm ready for bed i ask them, 'who's ready for puppy night night' and they get up and follow me to our bedroom. and yes. i am serious. i really do this. lol...

7. my scrap desk.....it's MINE. no one....and i mean NO ONE better put ANYTHING on it. james actually isn't even allowed to sit there. seriously. i've got a thing about not having any place just for 'me' in this entire house. every space supposedly designated for me seems to somehow become overrun by others. so we bought the desk and now it's mine. MY space. should i seek professional help? at some point i plan on taking over the loft. it will become mine....MINE.......ALL MINE.... >insert evil laugh< here. ;)


Christy said...

I can totally relate to #5 -- I hate when my cupboards are open for no reason.

Shandy said...

love all the little quirks that make you... YOU!!!
had to giggle when imagining you asking your dogs if they're ready for puppy night night - LOL

Patrice~ said...

Yep. Socks are my best friend. I pretend they're shoes when I go to pick up the newspaper.

Lisa said...

Ahhhh....."puppy night night" so stinkin cute!!!

And no! You do not need to seek professional help for the "desk attachment" complex

Because if you do? Then we both need to seek help together and see if we can get a group rate!

jenscaleshr said...

You're not as weird as you think sistah. I have A LOT of those things in common wiht you. A LOT.


Check. Check. Check. And check.

It's really too bad we don't live closer... we'd scare a lot of people. Wouldn't that be FUN? ;)


Sherine said...

I can't sleep with socks on either. And I have had the same books on my nightstand forever. Makes me look smarter. I wonder if people actually notice that it is the same one?

Rachael said...

LOL I have one of those books too!

I don't like wearing socks to bed either, but have to in the winter, at least until the middle ofthe night when I pull them off!

Love the list, girl!

Jenn~ said...

Yep on the socks and I had to wear them to bed for the first time this year, too! I used to have to stick one foot out but have outgrown that!

Carrie K said...

wow...its a bit freaky how alike we are...

and how have i never come to read your blog? tragic what ive missed...

love ya :)