Saturday, May 19, 2007

rambling nothings.

not having the best day ever.

finished up our t ball season. that's good. it was long. and don'tcha know i had the most fun i've had at any of the games! it's because i left the dugout and coached first base and then coached the outfield when we were out. way way way better than just yelling at kids in the dugout, getting catcher gear on and off and getting the kids out and onto the field in batting order.

worried about james. working too much. soooo tired. sooooo stressed. he's not himself. all i can do is keep away. makes me sad.

we're off to kathryn and mike's shortly.

sometimes i just feel invisible. it's not the first time i've said this. i'm talking scrapping here. not about my personal life. and yeah. speaking of scrapping, sure wish i could do some when it wasn't 1 am. i'm so freaking tired. and i'm tired of being tired.

my day is NOT going how i envisioned. it's been a pretty sucky day actually. i'm not sure i'm in a good frame of mind to go to kathryn's. the boys will have fun. they'll play with ash and em which is good.

deadliest catch season 1 disc 1 arrived today. and i'm happy about it. is it sad i'm happy about it? when i don't feel like scrapping i like to watch a movie. that may be what i'm doing later tonight (depends on how late we stay at kathryn and mike's). though i do have a few scrapping deadlines i need to get on. so yeah. it'll be 1 am and i'll be at my desk. and tomorow i'll be even more tired than i am today!

humpf. i'm in some kind of mood today. guess i should go get our part of dinner ready to go. i'll try to keep my emotions in check tonight. if i don't they might all come rushing out. can't have that now can we.


Rachael said...

Big hugs, girlfriend!! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

I'm hoping your hubby can destress soon. I know all about that! Mine is the same and I get sad about it too. HUGS!!

Hey, you are definately not invisible to me, definately not in the scrap sense! You are awesome and so inspiring. Your artisticness (is that a word?) just blows me away!! Chin up!

Enjoy Deadliest Catch and more importantly, have a good night tonight!!

Sherine said...

Spending time with your friends and family is good therapy. It's hard when our husbands are out of sync, because it really does make the mama out of sync too. Big hugs!

ps...I think your 1am artwork is fab!

jenscaleshr said...

I know how you feel. A lot. More than I like to admit it.

I use the excuse that I have so much other stuff going on in my life that I barely have time to pay attention to it. But it creeps in there - in between all those tough words i just typed out.

Your scrapiness deserves to be visible. 'Cause it rocks. And so do you.

Lisa said...

You my friend need some serious stress relief. I'm sorry you seem so at odds with your world. Just know that I think you are a rock every sense of the word!