Tuesday, May 29, 2007

why, what, when, where and who.

what makes me crazy?
rude people. seriusly. just makes me want to kick their ass. why do people have to be rude? something else that makes me crazy? employees in a store...sales clerk....whatever....when they treat you like you are inconveniencing them by coming to their store to buy things...like you're putting them out by making them work. uh..........'scuse me???? dude. you do NOT want to piss me off. ;)

who pushes my buttons?
dude. my kids. totally. hate it when they fight/bicker. seriously. i think i got skipped on the extra helping of patience. i need more.

where was i when i last lost my temper?
hmmm. can't remember. more than likely it was at home. and i had had enough of the boys fighting.....E picking on alexander. alexander getting angry at E. ~shudder~ seriously makes me shudder just thinking about when they fight. it's just too much. when they play together it's the best. but damn. when they fight...watch out!

when is my crazy time of day?
in the morning, trying to get E to school. i don't do mornings. nope. nope nope. not at all. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. 'nuff said.

why do i blog?
somewhere to put my thoughts. other than bombarding james. poor guy has enough going on with him being my only outlet. my blog is just a place to go....to say things....to let things out. or not. somewhere for people i like to read a bit about me. somewhere to post pages i've done. dunno. no reason. lots of reasons. lol...

how do i chill?
i stay up late. the house is quiet. i scrap (and listen to my ipod or watch movies or tv shows on my ipod). sometimes i scrap and just enjoy the quiet. or i watch movies in the fam room curled up on the loveseat. i breathe. deeply. over and over. i try to quiet my mind before i go to bed.

now. if you think i've said 'dude' and 'seriously' enough....well....my job here is done. off to go watch deadliest catch. kicking james off the big tv and i'm takin' over.


Leslie said...

Yo! Just saying HI!

Lisa said...

HA!!! Kicking him off the big TV...seriously, dude...hand over the remote...NOW! Hehehehehe...you funny!

Patrice~ said...

Dude. Seriously.
Must be a conspiracy - most of our local retailers have rude and impatient employees also. {sigh}

Sherine said...

So are you being rude when you kick James off the remote? Snort, giggle, giggle...I think not! Seriously...you rock dude!