Saturday, May 05, 2007

my new do. take 2.

yes. i got my hair cut three weeks ago. but....uh....i wasn't happy with it. i liked that it was shorter. but it just wasn't quite right. so i took a chance. went to a totally new person. and she rocks. like holy freakin' crap rocks.
she said, 'do you know what you want?'
i said, 'no. not really. all i know is i'm not happy with how it is now. it's too long to be "short" hair. and i want short hair.
and she got it. and she fixed it. and i'm going back to her for my next cut. i may be hers forever. now we're talking color. woot. maybe. not so sure. i've had a partial weave before. but dude. i so wasn't happy with it. but i may let mindy convince me. she did rock the cut.


Sherine said...

Woo hoo! Look at you!!! You look like a major rock star. Alexis has that shaggy, spikey look and loves it. Can wait to see the color!

Lisa said...

Yeah baby...that's a supastah haircut!

Rachael said...

Love it!! It's so you!!

I need to see the back!!

jenscaleshr said...

That is a totally sassy-rocker-chick kinda cut! I LOVE it.

It's making me reconsider my sassy-Mom-NON-rocker chick cut. Hmmm...