Saturday, June 02, 2007

soaking up the sun.

doing some yardwork.
soaking up the sun.
jammin' to some beastie boys.
alexander is still sick.
E is still coughing (but getting better).
it's hot. freaking hot.
did not make it to the grocery store this morning.
guess we're going out for dinner.
need to scrap. bad. probably won't. no time. too much to do.
# of times i've applied sunscreen today? 3. i'll do it again after i feed the boys their lunch.
amount of joy i take while doing yardwork? 0. none. Z.E.R.O.
amount of joy i will take when the front yard doesn't look like crap? lots.
pulled weeds out of the backyard. i freaking hate yardwork. did i mention that?
good time last night with mary, liz and shelley. kids all played. good food. some wine.
off to make the lnchie munchie. boys are hot and hungry.


Sherine said...

What was the temp? It was 100 here today. We might as well swim in sunscreen.

ps...loves me some Beastie Boyzzz!

Rachael said...

Ahhh, the Beastie Boys!! Brings back some memories! Love 'em!!

You know I'd help you with your yardwork if I were closer!