Monday, May 21, 2007

phew. the weekend is over.

it was a long hard one. and that is all i have to say about that!

know what's bothering me? okay...well...seriously...the list would be soooo long. in particular i am referring to the fact i can't post pics on my blog from my laptop. it's not because i don't have access to the all our pics. i do. what i don't have, however, is photo editing software on my laptop. and i do most of my blog entires from my laptop. that would be why there are rarely pics. i hope to one day change that...and be able to edit and then post pics from my laptop.

it's 1am. should i go to bed? should i go scrap more? yeah...just finished a page. not my favorite. by a long shot. oh well. they an't all be masterpieces (at least that's what i tell myself. :wink: i do have an early call. think i will go to bed now. tomorrow is another day. here's hoping it's much much better than today was. good thing about today? got something done in the front yard. the riverbed is 90% done. that's a good thing. one section at a's a slow process. but it will get done. eventually. and if the little creatures come back....the ones that destroyed our yard....digging little holes in and under our front lawn...eating the roots of all of our flowers.....i have this to say to them. watch your ass. i don't like doing yardwork. i'm watching for ya. don't wanna hurt ya, but i'm also not sharing my space with ya.

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jenscaleshr said...

I like it when you get all tough-talking... it makes me smile. And a little scared because I totally believe it! :) (did I spell believe correctly? it looks wrong to me somehow)

Anyway... if they come for your yard again, just let me know. I have an extra shovel. We'll take care of 'em. Yard work SUCKS.