Thursday, May 03, 2007

i'm answering these questions.

1) Do you have a tattoo? Where? Why? What does it look like?
nope. me no likey needles. but i'm contemplating a small (very small) diamond stud for my nose. yes. i'm serious. no. james doesn't know this yet. he doesn't read my blog often. it'll be a surprise IF i decide to do it. :wink:

2) Are you a "fly by the seat of your pants gal" or "a planner"? (Love me some Julia Roberts circa "Pretty Woman" vibe)
i dig that movie. ~sigh~ i want the 'romance' of that movie in my life.
on to the question. i am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person AND a bit of a planner. i like to do some things in advance. for other things...i hate having to be somewhere at a certain time/date. i don't like making plans...other times i do....i'm a woman in constant conflict! lol..

3) For one day.....and one day only. If you could do any thing, be any thing, say any thing.... with no consequences...what would that "thing" be?
in no particular order:
i would be filthy rich. i would go out and buy nice things. and a lot of 'em. yes. i'm materialistic. whatcha gonna do 'bout it. :wink: i really need clothes. bad. everything (except for the outfit my mom bought me last week) is four sizes too big. four.
i would eat whatever i wanted. omg that would be so awesome. seriously....that would be the best!
i would say exactly what is on my mind to a few people. coughMY FATHER/BROTHER/MOTHERcough. family. it's so complicated.
i would make james 100% healthy and better.
i would sleep.
i would paint (oil on canvas).
i would scrap.
i would travel the world. hey. no one said my answer had to be realistic.
i would beat the crap out of all the rude people that i encounter throughout my day. yes. i have issues with rude people.
i would meet claude monet. i would watch him paint.
i would just like the ability to go anywhere i want, spend as much as i want without even having to think about it.
i could go on. really. but i'm sure you're tired of reading.


Patrice~ said...

Kimberly! My dd has a small nose ring or stud or whatever they're called - she FAINTED when she had it done! It's cute, I suppose, but I always worry about her nose, 'cuz she has such horrible allergies and she has to blow her nose constantly!
Yep. I have lots of things to say, too, but I'm so danged old that I just lay down. oy.

Lisa said...

You, my friend, are a bona fide breath of fresh air.

And when you get that teen insy diamond stud...I expect a full on blow my socks off canvas on said topic

Jenn~ said...

Yep. Diamond stud. Definitely. Hannah's is kind of cute. and you can always take it out if you deem it inappropriate for the moment. Good grief! I sound like the mother of all common sense this morning! Put a hug green emerald in there instead!!!;)

Stacy Cartwright said...

Wow what a day you would have. As for the needles on the tattoo gun you don't even see them.

Sherine said...

You are afraid of needles? Isn't that what they use for piercings? I'm too snotty for a nose ring :) You are a brave girl.

Rachael said...

I would imagine that a nose ring would hurt like heck when being put in! LOL

Brave girl! :)