Wednesday, January 24, 2007

surprise date night.

we all know i have issues with my kids. oh..well...wait. some of you probably DON'T know that. well i do. i have issues with leaving them for long periods....issues with taking them somewhere to be watched while i/we do other things. SO. james called auntie trish (his sister) and she came over tonight with her kids to our house. and james and i went out on a date. so so so so awesome. and so so so so needed.

we had a drink. some food. conversation. uh....hello. concept. no yelling at kids. no rushing to shovel food into our mouths so the kids don't get too bored. it was nice. i wore something other than my 'mom' uniform. we stopped at starbucks on the way home. it was just nice. hope to do it again sometime.

so james...thank you. i love you. i only wish it wasn't over so quickly.


JenSmack said...

What a good hubby you have! It sounds like a lovely evening!!

Did you accidentally try to cut up his food for him? Remind him to sit up at the table & not talk with food in his mouth?

How do you have a dinner where those things don't come up??

I'm very happy for you!! Give James a big hug from me for making you happy!

Jupitormoon said...

I love date nite! It means you get to actually be "normal"!