Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am giddy with excitement. I sent an email to the dudes at sweetwater checking on a place to stay next weekend. It's a three bedroom house and it looks fab. hopefully i'll hear something tomorrow. hopefully james will get the dto so i can book the pad. i already bought the boys a new spongebob dvd for the long ass drive. yes. i'm going to let them watch spongebob. hey. you would too if you were going to have two kids in the car with you for six hours. but i don't care. we're going. and we will eat at the wharf. the best food on the planet. crunchy green salad. crab cocktail. lobster. stuffed petrale soul. oh crap...there is no way in hell i will stay within my WW points. but right now i don't care. i just want to go. and enjoy. sit on the beach. watch the boys play. hmmm...i must dig out the beach toys (the lake tahoe toys AND the other toys upstairs in E's closet). beach toys are a must for the trip. and kites. i can already smell the hot coffee (which i will drink while sitting on the beach). dude. it's not exactly roasting hot on the northern CA coast in feb. we will drink wine (maybe even champagne) since i like it so much better. the house has a hot tub. dude. we will take walks on the beach. we will go tide pooling. we will wander the quaint shops in the village. the boys can have ice cream. hmmm. we could take the kayaks and check out the sea caves. or just paddle down noyo. we will just get away. even if for only two nights. E will miss one day of school. but we need this.

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Stephanie said...

Wow, sounds like you are going to have an awesome time! Can't wait to see the pages that you create from all of the fun, or even of the car ride!