Saturday, January 20, 2007

i do believe i have...

two of the crankiest children on the planet right now! lol.. every two seconds alexander breaks down in a heart-wrenching all-out cry. he's tired. E is tired too. to bed with them early tonight. it's faux date-night for me and the j-man. we're gonna watch a movie together and actually go to bed at the same time tonight. concept.

tomorrow is sunday. where does the weekend go? my kids crave time with their daddy and that time just flies by.

james made dinner tonight. yummy. pot stickers (made with lean chicken). delsih. he also made fish stew (with halibut and shrimp). it was tasty.

i'm personally craving...and i do mean seriously get in my way i'll hurt you kind of craving chocolate. and a coke. strange. well not the chocolate thing...dude...i LOVE chocolate. but the coke thing? i don't drink much soda!

okay. helped out with an online crop at SG last night and off and on today. i produced five bee-u-tee-ful LOs. heh. at least i think so. this is one of 'em.

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